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Sammy The Future Chef Had A Scrumptious Soirée For His Bar Mitzvah!

Sammy is a future chef in the making – the dude can create some serious culinary concoctions and he knows quality when he tastes it so you know if he has any say at all in the menu at his bar mitzvah that it’s gonna be gooooooood – a scrumptious soirée!  And in this case the food didn’t disappoint!  We know because we were there – as guests, because Sammy is our nephew!  Ally did indeed take a few photos at the weekday service at Adat Shalom Synagogue which we’ll share here, but the bulk of these highlights come from the event and is the work of our fantastic event photographer Angela!  Let’s start with a few photos from the small chapel earlier in the week at shul.

What a legacy…

Sammy’s great grandfather was the cantor at Adat Shalom for many years so it was very special for Sammy to carry on that tradition as the first of his generation within that family to become a Bar Mitzvah.  Here are a few highlights as Sammy leads the service and does the name proud:
Scrumptious soirée

Sammy reads from the Torah

Scrumptious soirée

Sammy with his dad and maternal grandfather putting on tefillin

Scrumptious soirée

Sammy and his parents receive a blessing from the Rabbi

Let’s get to the Scrumptious Soirée!

The party was held at the Royal Oak Farmer’s Market – a great wide open space for a bash!  The food was off the charts with Asian, Mexican, and Israeli stations for food and everyone had a blast – I know we did!  Sammy had a ton of fun on his big day for sure.
Scrumptious soirée

The Whole Scene!

Scrumptious soirée

Sammy gets a lift during the traditional Hora Dance!

Haha – think he was enjoying this?

Scrumptious soirée

Sammy with his peeps

Scrumptious soirée

The Bar Mitzvah Stud

That’s a great shot by Angela of Sammy!

Scrumptious soirée

The Happy Family!

Scrumptious soirée

Sammy kicks back and takes it in

Scrumptious soirée

“Then and Now” Sammy!

What is hilarious about that shot is Sammy is recreating the big photo that was taken by Ally when Sammy was only 2!

Scrumptious soirée

Stacy & Jason get to relax and enjoy the celebration!

We love that last shot – the way Angela framed Stacy and Jason with all the celebratory raised glasses is perfect!  All in all it was a day and a night to remember at Sammy’s Scrumptious Soirée!  We hope you enjoyed the highlights! 

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Sharing A Few Photos From A Special Day – Our Son’s Bar Mitzvah!

Many of you asked to see the pictures from our son’s Bar Mitzvah when they are available, so we are sharing a few photos from our special day!  When photographers need pictures the question inevitably comes up “So who is photographing YOUR event?  You aren’t doing it right?”  Haha – that would be interesting – setting up each shot and then….setting the timer and getting back in the picture right?  Of course not.

Well as you may know for some time we were not really in the event photography business.  It’s not Ally’s specialty personally and we couldn’t work on weekend nights or we would never see our kids.  Enter our wonderful event photographer Angela.  She has done a fantastic job for Frameable Faces on events and at this point we couldn’t think of anyone better to trust with the task of photographing Tony’s Bar Mitzvah.  She did an amazing job as we knew she would.  We are so proud to showcase not only our son and our happiness on the occasion of his Bar Mitzvah, but also Angela’s work as we have watched her grow over the years since the very first day she simply walked into our studio, still a student, and asked if we might be looking for another photographer.

First we started at Adat Shalom Synagogue during the week for pictures of the service on the day of our rehearsal:

Our Son's Bar Mitzvah

Our Son's Bar Mitzvah

Our Son's Bar Mitzvah

Our Son's Bar Mitzvah

Our Son's Bar Mitzvah

“Tailgating With Tony”

Our party was at Oakland Yard Athletics in Waterford which is an amazing place to have a party and we also want to give shout outs in particular to Just Baked for their amazing cupcakes, Nick at Pine Lake Market for the amazing job catering, Co. 512 for the Adidas wear, Top That Table for the awesome decorations, and Josh and Cassie from Tronix Entertainment for getting the party started and keeping it going!  Meanwhile back to the pictures and the awesome job Angela did capturing the scene and the mood!  She was everywhere…

Our Son's Bar MitzvahThat mechanical bulldog is hilarious…  Tony and his friends were able to play various sports throughout pretty much the whole party.

Our Son's Bar MitzvahNext it was time for Tony to make his official entrance for the montage and candle lighting.

Our Son's Bar MitzvahOur Son's Bar MitzvahOur Son's Bar MitzvahOur Son's Bar MitzvahTime To Hora!

The hora is a traditional dance at Jewish occasions and it’s always a blast!  Angela captured a bunch of great photos of the hora!

Our Son's Bar Mitzvah

Our Son's Bar Mitzvah

Our Son's Bar Mitzvah

Our Son's Bar Mitzvah

We love this view of the entire party where you can see a full dance floor doing the “wobble” while others were hitting golf balls, playing other sports, or just hanging out.

Our Son's Bar Mitzvah

Lastly we love this photo of our happy family – especially the kids dancing together (and not fighting)!

Our Son's Bar Mitzvah

So there you have it!  Highlights from one of the best nights of our lives.  We are happy to share them with you and we hope you enjoyed them!

What Would You Do With More Free Time?

This is a post about life, work, kids, balance…

What Would You Do With More Free Time?

Our kids are at camp for a total of 3 1/2 weeks and they have two more weeks there before they come home.  When we tell people this they say “Wow!”, “Party Time for you two!”, “It’s like a vacation!”, “Are you going anywhere?”, and “What are you going to do?”

Yes it’s like a vacation in a sense even though we are not taking any trips.  When the kids are at camp it means more free time – you don’t have to drive them anywhere or pick them up.  You can’t spend time with them because they’re away.  We don’t have to worry about planning or making meals for them.  So yes we have free time but that hardly means we are kicking back and laying by the pool for a month…  Here are some of the things we are doing while our children are away:

  • We are missing them
  • We are enjoying the time alone
  • We are launching a canvas business for other studios with the local folks who have printed our canvas for our clients for the past 4 years and we’ve used some of the time by working hard on this.  We are excited about it and there will be more to come on this topic!  If you are a professional photographer please give us a try.  The quality is top notch as our clients know.
  • We are meandering and browsing at the library and the bookstore – and we are taking our time when we do
  • We are going out with friends
  • We are staying in and reading books, watching movies, sleeping in occasionally
  • We are meeting with a bunch of seniors and scheduling senior sessions – can’t wait for the class of 2014 – new senior frameables will be gracing this blog soon!
  • We are strolling around Royal Oak and Birmingham
  • We are spreading the word about our leap into events with our second photographer Angela Bell
  • We are working hard
  • We are loving work
  • Ally is working on the photography lessons she is offering
  • We planned a little impromptu 25th high school reunion for Doug’s graduating class
  • We are taking stock – of lots of things
  • We are going to Eastern Market and Ann Arbor
  • We’ve had a drink or two
  • We are exercising
  • ….and we are missing our kids.

What would you do with some extra free time?

Doug’s Rant – Facebook Comment Photos, Events! and Glipho – July 20, 2013

It’s that time again….  🙂


Several topics to discuss this time out – please share and give feedback in the comments!

Facebook Makes a Cool Change

Facebook adds photo comments

I discovered this little tidbit on allfacebook.com and I think it could have some pretty big implications for how brands interact with their followers on facebook.  I think the fact that people can join in conversations on a facebook page with photo attachments is very cool.  As you can tell in the above photo by my little avatar I’m logged in as Doug Cohen, I’ve clicked on a photo on Leaf & Berry’s page that we took, and I can include a photo with my comment if I want.  We embrace the popularity of photography at all levels and this could bring new opportunities for our peeps to participate in fun and creative ways by attaching their photos.  Our wheels are turning… stay tuned and let us know how you have seen this used and what ideas you have.

An About Face… To Event Photography!

As you may know in the past if you asked us if we photograph events our answer would be “no” with a few exceptions.  Well that has changed…  Ally and I are still not personally looking to be event photographers – we have our obligations as parents on the weekends for starters.  However, our fantastic second photographer Angela Bell has proven to be fabulous with events!  We tested her out on some informal affairs such as out-of-towner dinners and engagement parties and she did really well.  Then she stepped up to a couple bar/bat mitzvahs and she really blew us away!  More on this to come but suffice it to say Frameable Faces is indeed now in the event business and we are excited!

Glipho – Another Cool Social Network

I signed up for a Glipho account and you can follow me here.  What is Glipho you ask?  It’s a social blogging site – a cool way to pull content in from multiple platforms (instagram, twitter, blogger, WordPress etc.) into a very simple blog interface.  You can blog on Glipho, make friends, follow and like other blogs and interact with people.  I’ve chosen to use it as an outlet for myself as me – Doug, as opposed to another branded Frameable Faces page.  Yes I will be posting some FF blog posts there and hopefully bringing more attention and readers back to this blog, but I like to dabble in other topics like music, food, and football and I guest blog elsewhere so I like the idea of this being an outlet for my “personal brand” so to speak.  Do you “Gliph”?  Let me know if you do!

Quick Hits

  • A photo definitely made huge news this week with Rolling Stone putting a photo of the surviving Boston Marathon bomber on the cover.  Let’s just say this sparked a LOT of controversy and debate as you probably know….
  • Detroit made huge news this week with the bankruptcy announcement – I wrote a love letter to “The D” a while back that warrants a repeat link here….
  • Scott Bourne has written another buying guide – this time for camera lenses.  Anytime he shares this type of info it’s worth bookmarking.

Attention Small Business Owners – 10 things you should know

I just read a fantastic blog post that I wanted to share. http://virtualphotographystudio.com/photographyblog/2010/05/running-a-photography-business/comment-page-1/#comment-11993 It is entitled “10 Things You Should Know About Running A Photography Business”, but you could easily remove the word “Photography” as most of these are universal and wherever the topic is specifically photography related you could easily insert products or services from your own trade.

For us this was mostly reinforcement that we are approaching our business the right way but we still have two weaknesses on this list and we’ll be the first to admit them:

Number 3 – we need to hand off some of this bookkeeping – NOW.  I’m good at tracking many aspects of our business but I’m not exactly an expert bookkeeper and some of this stuff bogs me down.  When I read this point it kind of smacked me in the face….

Number 6 – actually more of a strength for us overall (so maybe I lied).  We do this well – we are specialists and not generalists (love that way of putting it by the way).  We do NOT specialize in event photography.  We will not photograph huge events.  Or even pretty big events.  We will photograph certain smaller events and we are selective about which ones will fit for us and our clients.  We are fortunate to have the talents of miss Angela Bell as well for some of our informal events such as engagement parties that require more casual images – she is our second photographer and she does a great job on those.  As a rule however, we specialize in portrait photography – all kinds.  Yes it’s a broad category but it’s one category we enjoy the most and it’s where we rock.  I listed this one because we need reminding – as do all business owners – to resist the temptation to accept a one-off job that isn’t really what you do best and isn’t what you want to be known for.  We’ve done this before and we’ve learned that we should not be doing it or we should at least think it all the way through first.

Hope this helps and we would like you to add any advice for us and for each other if there is something you don’t see on this list.  Please comment and join the discussion!

– Doug