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Doug’s Rant – Facebook Comment Photos, Events! and Glipho – July 20, 2013

It’s that time again…. ¬†ūüôā


Several topics to discuss this time out – please share and give feedback in the comments!

Facebook Makes a Cool Change

Facebook adds photo comments

I discovered this little tidbit on allfacebook.com and I think it could have some pretty big implications for how brands interact with their followers on facebook. ¬†I think the fact that people can join in conversations on a facebook page with photo attachments is very cool. ¬†As you can tell in the above photo by my little avatar I’m logged in as Doug Cohen, I’ve clicked on a photo on Leaf & Berry’s page that we took, and I can include a photo with my comment if I want. ¬†We embrace the popularity of photography at all levels and this could bring new opportunities for our peeps to participate in fun and creative ways by attaching their photos. ¬†Our wheels are turning… stay tuned and let us know how you have seen this used and what ideas you have.

An About Face… To Event Photography!

As you may know in the past if you asked us if we photograph events our answer would be “no” with a few exceptions. ¬†Well that has changed… ¬†Ally and I are still not personally looking to be event photographers – we have our obligations as parents on the weekends for starters. ¬†However, our fantastic second photographer Angela Bell has proven to be fabulous with events! ¬†We tested her out on some informal affairs such as out-of-towner dinners and engagement parties and she did really well. ¬†Then she stepped up to a couple bar/bat mitzvahs and she really blew us away! ¬†More on this to come but suffice it to say Frameable Faces is indeed now in the event business and we are excited!

Glipho – Another Cool Social Network

I signed up for a Glipho account and you can follow me here. ¬†What is Glipho you ask? ¬†It’s a social blogging site – a cool way to pull content in from multiple platforms (instagram, twitter, blogger, WordPress etc.) into a very simple blog interface. ¬†You can blog on Glipho, make friends, follow and like other blogs and interact with people. ¬†I’ve chosen to use it as an outlet for myself as me – Doug, as opposed to another branded Frameable Faces page. ¬†Yes I will be posting some FF blog posts there and hopefully bringing more attention and readers back to this blog, but I like to dabble in other topics like music, food, and football and I guest blog elsewhere so I like the idea of this being an outlet for my “personal brand” so to speak. ¬†Do you “Gliph”? ¬†Let me know if you do!

Quick Hits

  • A photo definitely made huge news this week with Rolling Stone putting a photo of the surviving Boston Marathon bomber on the cover. ¬†Let’s just say this sparked a LOT of controversy and debate as you probably know….
  • Detroit made huge news this week with the bankruptcy announcement – I wrote a love letter to “The D” a while back that warrants a repeat link here….
  • Scott Bourne has written another buying guide – this time for camera lenses. ¬†Anytime he shares this type of info it’s worth bookmarking.

Relay For Life West Bloomfield 2013 – Team Frameable Faces!

This was the first year we entered the Relay For Life¬†West Bloomfield with our own team and we found it to be a very fun and rewarding experience! ¬†For those who don’t know, Relay For Life is a community fundraising event put on through the American Cancer Society to raise money for research to find a cure for cancer. ¬†We had donated in the past and Ally had attended several of the past Relays. ¬†I have to admit that this was my first Relay, and now that I’ve been I don’t plan on missing another one…

Relay For Life West Bloomfield 2013

Photo Credit Hala Eliya Photography

Go Team Frameable Faces!

As pretty much everyone has, we have certainly been touched by cancer in our families and with our friends and so we thought it was time we did something about it – using our brand and our resources to try to raise money to make a world with more birthdays and less cancer, and for our first year I am happy to report we raised almost $1500. ¬†Just so you know you can actually still donate to the cause for this year’s relay through August 31st if you like at our team page. ¬†We had a few partners worth noting who helped us – we did fundraising days at Zoe’s House Of Pancakes and Leaf & Berry, and Hiller’s Markets donated fruit which we made into fruit kebobs and sold at the Team Frameable Faces tent at the Relay.

Disclaimer – the following photos were snapped with a Droid and are of varying quality, but they are included here to tell the story of the day.

We started with a fruit kebob-making party here at the studio Friday night June 7th…

Relay For Life West Bloomfield 2013

Fruit Kebob Party!

Relay For Life West Bloomfield 2013

Joel Ben-Moche cuts up some watermelon! Yum!


Then Saturday morning started the Relay with the walk of the survivors…

Relay For Life West Bloomfield 2013

Walk of cancer survivors

We spent the day manning the Frameable Faces tent with our team!

Relay For Life West Bloomfield 2013

Fruit Kebobs!!! Get your fruit kebobs here!!!

Relay For Life West Bloomfield 2013

Frameable Faces Senior Carly Simko shows off her awesome decorations!

Relay For Life West Bloomfield 2013

JC Sidaway sells origami canoes to raise money to fight cancer!

Several dignitaries came to the event including Senator Debbie Stabenow…

Relay For Life West Bloomfield 2013

Senator Stabenow addresses the crowd

Okay this was amazing…. ¬†on a day when people spent a lot of time remembering those who lost their battles with cancer an amazing rainbow circle around the sun appeared directly above the event….

Relay For Life West Bloomfield 2013


We then decorated luminaria bags in memory of those we’ve lost, and then the entire track was ringed with lit bags at night time while everyone walked a lap in silence. ¬†An extremely touching and powerful moment.

Relay For Life West Bloomfield 2013

Team Frameable Faces luminaria bags

Relay For Life West Bloomfield 2013

Luminaria bags lit with candles

Parting Comments

The Relay is a 24 hour event and Ally and I spent about 17 hours there. ¬†Now that I’ve done it I get how special it is. ¬†I don’t have a good reason why I hadn’t been before. ¬†There was a nice turnout of people, but frankly there weren’t enough. ¬†There is no good reason or excuse for not going to your local Relay For Life. ¬†You don’t have to have the means to donate huge chunks of money in order to attend. ¬†No one will hound you to give. ¬†But you certainly can give, and you can certainly support the cause even if it’s in spirit. ¬†Even if you just come hungry and eat at the Relay – every bit helps. ¬†You will see a ton of people you know and you will feel a really nice sense of community. ¬†As for Team Frameable Faces this year was a good start but we can absolutely do better. ¬†We truly hope you will join us next year as we come together again to CELEBRATE, REMEMBER, and FIGHT BACK!