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Oso Sweet Onions Prove To Be Delicious AND Frameable!

If you follow us at all you probably know by now that we are huge foodies – we love to eat and we love to photograph food, so when the chance came to photograph some sweet and yummy onions we thought it would be very a-peel-ing…..  🙂

Oso Sweet Onions are incredible!  We were familiar with them already since they are sold down the hall at Hiller’s Markets, our neighbor.  They have about a third higher sugar content than other sweet onion varieties and they don’t release fumes when you cut them so they are virtually tearless!  So yummy…   They were great models too – very photogenic and easy to work with (haha).  Take a look!

Oso Sweet Onions

Oso Sweet Onions are ready for their close up!

We learn a lot when we photograph products and we enjoy that part of the business.  You may recognize these bins or the Oso Sweet Onion logo at the grocery store…  grab them and then go back to the Oso Sweet Onions website for recipes and more information, and then the world can be your onion!

Oso Sweet OnionsOso Sweet Onions

Meanwhile, the Food Channel we’re not but we took some onions home from the shoot and cooked them up….  What’s your favorite way to enjoy onions?