Marty’s Cookies – Yummy and Frameable!

I had always been aware of Marty’s Cookies (they’ve been baking cookies locally in Metro Detroit for over 30 years) but for whatever reason I hadn’t been very familiar with the product, at least not more so than any other cookies.  Cookies are clearly a weakness of mine and I’ve tried many good ones, so when we had the opportunity to photograph some Marty’s Cookies for their new website I was excited – It’s a pretty common occurrence when you photograph food that you get to try some.

Marty's Cookies

Peanut Butter Cookie


You could accuse me of just talking these up to help plug a client – that’s fine.  I don’t care.  I’m going to say it anyway – these cookies are some of the better ones I’ve ever had.  I’m sure along the way I’ve had some amazing homemade family recipe cookies that are truly special, and I can’t think of which were the best off the top of my head but I’d put these up against most cookies anywhere.  I think my three favorite were the peanut butter, the butter pecan, and the chocolate chocolate chip (which are not usually my favorite), but here’s the kicker – not only were the cookies outstanding but the banana bread was way more than I bargained for.  I’m pretty critical of banana bread/cake since my mom made it a lot when I was little and it was my favorite.  I’ve always been disappointed by commercially baked banana bread – it never tastes like home.  However I have to say this banana bread was darn close.  Totally legit – moist, flavorful fantastic banana bread.  I’m now a believer and I highly recommend this stuff.  Just sayin’…

Marty's Cookies - banana bread

Banana Bread

Marty's Cookies - Chocolate Chocolate Chip

Chocolate Chocolate Chip

Butter Pecan cookie - Marty's Cookies Online

Butter Pecan

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