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Frameable Flower Pot Babies For Valentine’s Day!

This is actually our second Valentine’s Day post – here’s the first.  Meanwhile who doesn’t love flowers on Valentine’s Day right?  Well here are some Frameable Flower Pot Babies today from us to you!  These fun little ones are all right around 6 months old and as you can see they all really enjoyed themselves!  These photos should put a smile on your face for sure…  Enjoy!

Flower Pot BabiesFlower Pot BabiesFlower Pot BabiesFlower Pot BabiesFlower Pot BabiesFlower Pot BabiesFlower Pot Babies

Happy Valentine’s Day Starring The Baby For All Seasons!!!

We have been photographing this little superstar since he was born and he’s pretty scrumptious.  You can actually see he’s yummy below because his mommy was eating him up and left kisses all over him!!!  So this photo will serve as our Happy Valentine’s Day wish to you starring one of our favorite little Frameables!

Valentine's Day baby

Happy Valentine’s Day!

As a bonus you’ll see why we’ve referred to him as the “baby for all seasons” because he came to the studio in October and transformed into a tasty little chunky pumpkin, and yes this was a real pumpkin!  It was chilly in there but he didn’t complain – he totally rocked that shoot and as you can imagine we had a ton of fun with both of these shoots.  Each session attracted a crowd of smiling people outside the studio – how could you look at these and not smile?  🙂

Happy Halloween baby

Happy Halloween!