Reaching An Even Higher Level With Lauren Back In Detroit!

Yes we are huge fans of Lauren and her mom Gabrielle, and it’s been so much fun having Lauren represent our studio as a spokesmodel for the class of 2018!  Her spokesmodel session was truly epic and we spent much of it in Detroit at the old Michigan Building and around Eastern Market.  It was one of those sessions that sticks out for sure – just awesome.  So we had a slight dilemma – we loved exploring around Detroit and they wanted to go back for Lauren’s senior session.  Hey we’re always up for a Detroit session since there is so much going on down there and so many amazing places to shoot.  The question was could we possibly top what we already did down there?  Hmmmmm….  Could we reach an even higher level with Lauren?

Reaching an even higher level with Lauren…

Ally predicted that we would indeed be able to kick it up yet another notch.  And frankly I was confident too – we usually do.  We suggested Belle Isle which hadn’t been on Lauren’s radar but she trusted us.  Besides there was a little discussion around whether a beach shot might be nice – we had never used the Belle Isle Beach.  So we set out with plenty of possibility and adventure in the air and the results?  Well…… see for yourself.

Higher Level

Great one to start with right?  Love the framing of our girl with the vines!

We also have plenty of behind the scenes fun as usual with some live broadcast replays (excuse my raggedy voice – I was recovering from being pretty well under the weather for a few days).  First we went live on YouTube.  If you want to tune in to other broadcasts be sure to hit the red subscribe button at our channel!

We ended up spending a ton of time on Belle Isle – some shots at the fountain, a few at the willow tree above, and a few over by the conservatory including this colorful one with all the pretty flowers surrounding Lauren!

Higher Level

I also had a little fun of my own with the pano feature on my iPhone – just for fun here is one at the conservatory that I thought was kind of cool…

Higher Level

AMATEUR iPhone panoramic photo for fun!

Next we headed around to the other side of the island to the beach which we pretty much had to ourselves and this turned out to be a great call!  Here is the fun behind the scenes Facebook Live broadcast replay where Gabrielle even took over for a few minutes as guest host as I struggled a little with the wind trying to reflect some light on our subject!

And here is one of the fantastic results.  LOVE this of Lauren…

Higher Level

So yeah…. awesome stuff at Belle Isle!  But we weren’t done….

To The Belt!

The Belt is a very cool alley in downtown Detroit where we’ve taken photos several times and Lauren had her eye on it so we headed over there for a few and we found this ultra cool art gallery there.  They let us come right in and shoot, and sometimes these unplanned things prove to be major highlights!  I took another pano while Ally was setting this one up…

Higher Level

Another AMATEUR iPhone panoramic photo for fun!

And here is the result!!!

Higher Level

Wow right???

What a day – we actually finished it up with lunch at Johnny Noodle King and it was the perfect end to a day we won’t soon forget as we indeed reached a higher level with Lauren in our Detroit return!  We hope you enjoyed the highlights of our day!

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