If We Could Build A Senior From Scratch, We Would Build Nick.

How to build a senior…..  Hmmmmm.  Well we’d start with some nice, add some smart, toss in a dose of passion, maybe some good looks (but that’s an optional ingredient), and we’d wrap it in a great family before we pop it in the oven to bake.  And hey look!  It appears we would build Nick!  Nick is a guy you just want to be around – just an all around good dude who is smart and dedicated as all get out to his twin passions baseball and football which he plans to play one of at the next level.  Heck he took one (?) day off transitioning from one to the other as he readies himself for his senior season as a captain at West Bloomfield playing in “The Swamp” (more on that later).  Actually you may remember Nick from his spokesmodel session and you may even remember his sister Emma who was a Frameable senior too!  What a great family – and mom Teresa is a delight too – she even reprised her role briefly guest hosting some of the behind the scenes live streaming (more on that later too hehe)!  So let’s get to it.

We Would Build Nick

It was nice to be able to get outside in the nice weather for a change with our guy since the last time we were on location with Nick he was being pelted by snow!  We focused first in downtown Birmingham for a few urban shots which came out really cool:

Build Nick

Great shot!  Very cool little stairwell we found…

We also have plenty of behind the scenes fun as usual…  first we went live on Facebook – don’t miss Nick’s awesome sign off at the end… hehe…..

Okay let’s take a look at a couple more photos from the city…

Build Nick

Plenty of walls and cool surfaces to use in Birmingham and Nick was prepared with the full pop up wardrobe suitcase for a few outfit changes.

Build Nick

Just chillin’…

To The Swamp!

At this point it was time to head over to WBHS – to “The Swamp” where they had just finished installing the brand new turf at the stadium which does indeed include the words “The Swamp” written across the turf on the home sideline!  They have a pretty rowdy and dedicated student section at the home football games!  We went live on YouTube for this segment (I didn’t realize I had my screen lock on at the beginning – but that’s LIVE – you just go with it).  The “Teresa Takeover” happens around the 6 minute mark!

And here is an awesome shot of Nick on the very field he and his Laker teammates plan to dominate this fall!

Build Nick

So there you have it!  Nick’s session rocked and we hope you enjoyed the highlights of our day with him!  If we were going to build a senior from scratch we would definitely build Nick!

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2 responses on “If We Could Build A Senior From Scratch, We Would Build Nick.

  1. Jackie

    Where is Nick in his DECA jacket? He was a National FIRST PLACE winner in his junior year!! What will his senior year bring??

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