Loving Lauren’s Likeness In Detroit On Her Spokesmodel Session!

We are loving Lauren’s likeness in Detroit!  Actually I think we’re just loving it on our blog period – Lauren continues to prove why we are so excited about our class of 2018 spokesmodel crew!  She came highly recommended and we could tell why the moment she and her mom Gabrielle walked into the studio.  We just totally connected with them right away and that’s really how it’s been so far with this group.  We were giddy about getting her in front of Ally’s camera and this session was scheduled to take place a couple days after we discovered the Michigan Building downtown with one of our current seniors.  There was much more we wanted to explore down there as well as getting over to the Eastern Market for some murals so we had a great plan since Detroit has become more and more popular for senior sessions with the city’s much heralded comeback.

Loving Lauren’s Likeness…

As I mentioned our first stop was at the Michigan Building where we got a pretty cool angle of the amazing and decaying ceiling as a backdrop to our girl – check it out:

Loving Lauren's Likeness

So cool!

As always we have some behind the scenes fun for you to show a little bit of the session and how we captured some of these photos.  First we have the Periscope replay – if you want to join in the fun at @FrameableFaces on the app you can do that here or if you simply want to check out the broadcasts from Twitter you can do that too.

We also wanted to get over to Eastern Market and do a little mural exploring – these have also become very popular for our seniors in Detroit.  We just love being down there – Detroit is so cool…

Loving Lauren's LikenessLauren is looking great – ripped jeans are a cool look in the city too!

Let’s look at a little more behind the scenes fun, this time from Facebook Live:

Here is a look at a couple more photos…  First we’ll show one more from a mural at Eastern Market:

Loving Lauren's Likeness

And lastly here’s a closer photo with this half crop…  also a very popular shot with various walls for us:

Loving Lauren's Likeness

So yeah… we were loving Lauren’s likeness in Detroit and we hope you enjoyed the highlights!  We can’t wait to get her back into the studio for her senior portraits soon!  We’ll leave you with the fun Snapchat story from the day!

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