We Nominate Nick To Be Next In Our Class of 2018 Spokesmodel Crew!

We nominate Nick to be next!  We knew we were going to nominate him for a while since his sister Emma was a spokesmodel for us and we love these guys!  Emma even came along with their mom Teresa for the session and it was just like old times!

Meanwhile Nick is a bad dude – he’s a nice guy, smart, a heck of an athlete and just really an all around winner.  He’s been a delight to have around already and a great representative of our studio!  He is a football and baseball player and has plans to compete at the next level, so we had plans to incorporate the sports into the session because we love to show off the fun approach we often take with our student athletes for senior sessions!

We Nominate Nick…

We started out on location on a mid-March day that saw Metro Detroit get a nice snow dump which actually made for a nice opportunity for winter shots since it wasn’t really that cold.  Here’s a full length shot…

Nominate Nick

Pretty cool huh?

Here’s another one a little bit closer up with a half crop of our guy:

Nominate Nick

What a stud.

Of course we also have plenty of behind the scenes starting with the replay of our Periscope broadcast where Nick got some snow dropped on his head and took some good natured ribbing from the audience!  Haha…  You can follow us and join in the fun on Periscope at this link or tune in on Twitter at this link.

At this point it was time to get back indoors for the studio shots…

As you know we like to play with fire here….

Nominate Nick

We also have a replay from the behind the scenes broadcast on Facebook Live in the studio for you…

We have one more from the studio for you for now… not to be outdone by our other senior spokesmodel football player Olivia, here’s a fierce one to end on!

Nominate Nick

We will leave you with the Snapchat story which is always fun – you should follow us there too and snap us back from time to time at this link

And there you have it!  You can see why we nominate Nick and we hope you enjoyed the highlights of our day!  Hopefully this gives you yet another taste of what options we have for senior pictures for guys!

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