Mad About Marie And Her Wonderful Senior Session!

We’ve been mad about Marie for a long time now.  From the time she joined her older twin sisters on their session for a few photos a couple years ago to her spokesmodel session earlier this year and now culminating with her own senior session in Birmingham, we’ve been fans from day one!  We planned a total city photo shoot in Birmingham with her and she really nailed it – not that we were surprised.  She’s a real pro and so yeah, we’re mad about Marie!!!

Session in the City

We started at the top (of a parking structure) and worked our way down, and we had great conditions even getting a few well timed breezes before the storms came in.  We’ll start on the parking structure here:

Mad About Marie

Love the little hair lift from the breeze!

At this point we headed over to Quarton Lake because we liked the light we had and we knew a storm might roll on in…  It was a good move – this photo is perfect!

Mad About Marie

Let’s pause here for a minute for some behind the scenes action from the shoot shall we?  First we have our 6 second vine for your looping pleasure…

Next we have the replay of the live Periscope broadcast from the session.  If you haven’t downloaded Periscope yet and / or watched our channel on twitter you can do so on Periscope here or on Twitter here.

Fun right?  Okay let’s get back to a couple more photos…

Mad About Marie

At this point we headed back to downtown Birmingham to get our last set of shots – here we have a pop of color with some beautiful flowers to complement our girl…

Mad About Marie


We heard some thunder and the skies were looking ominous as we captured this last photo that we’ll leave you with.  Marie is a pro – you’d never know we were rushing to finish before the storm hit!

Mad About Marie

And there you have it!  You can see why we are mad about Marie and we hope you enjoyed the highlights from our day!

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