Kylie Killed It On Her Senior Session – Not Even Kinda Kidding

Kylie killed it on her senior session.  What does that mean exactly?  It means she owned it, slayed it, rocked it, kicked major butt, looked amazing, had fun – you know, all of that stuff.  It wasn’t the first time Kylie had been in front of Ally’s camera since she used to come here to the studio for dance photos, but this was completely different.  We planned this session out with an epic sprawl of locations, technique, timing, style and general awesomeness.  Kylie’s mom Kelly joined us and we had a great time – we’ve been excited to show these!

First In The Studio…

We started out in the studio where we worked with our signature “black and blowy” setup which we love – sometimes black clothes against the black backdrop looks so cool when you know how to light it, and Kylie looks beautiful here…

Kylie Killed


Before we head out to the location photos let’s take a look at some of the behind the scenes fun from our day shall we?  First we have our 6 second looping Vine:

Next we have the replay of our live Periscope / Twitter broadcasts for a more extended view of the session!  If you haven’t downloaded the Periscope app or followed us on Twitter you can do that here and here.

First we have the studio broadcast…

And next the beach broadcast – really more of our walk to the beach – we’ll get to those photos in a sec…

Kylie Killed It…

So as you can tell the session got off to a good start in the studio and the location photos followed suit!  First we headed over to Birmingham to get a few photos in the city like this one:

Kylie Killed

Then to finish up we headed over to Dodge Park at Cass Lake to get a couple photos at the beach and with the water in the background – these are fabulous and this was Kylie’s idea!

Kylie Killed

We’ll leave you with this one with a pretty sailboat that came right into the frame – very cool!

Kylie Killed

So yeah Kylie killed it as you can see, and we are thrilled with the results!  We hope you enjoyed the highlights of our day with her!

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