Sara In The City!

Sara in the city was a big hit!  Senior season is in full gear and we are photographing the class of 2015 pretty much non stop at this point.  We will have plenty more of these posts coming up as we are able to churn them out, and we are thrilled to bring you photos from this fantastic city session with Sara!  But before we go out to light up the night let’s start back at the beginning of the session with an adorable studio shot!

Sara’s mom Kelly was inspired by two different photos on the wall of our studio – one of a little girl looking over her shoulder and another of a one year old holding a massive lollipop – she came up with the idea of combining the two and Sara pulled it off for a memorable and adorable look!

sara in the city

After a little more studio work we hit Birmingham for some nighttime fun, and once the sun went down we broke out our location lighting (off-camera light box, Westcott Ice Light) and Sara really turned it on.  Lynyrd Skynyrd’s tour bus was parked outside the Townsend Hotel so we used it.  Pretty cool huh?

sara in the city

Here is a little behind the scenes vine of the evening:

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    1. Doug Post author

      Thanks Janice! You can do a lot of cool stuff with lighting on location at night. Much fun on this session. A very cool girl with a fun friend and a fun mom! 🙂

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