Hey It’s Helene!!!

“Hey it’s Helene!” is what we said when she showed up with her mom and little sister to talk about booking a senior photo session with us.  We have known her since she was little, and anytime we photograph a senior we have known since she was little it’s a surreal day for us…  Helene isn’t supposed to be this beautiful high school senior yet.  Time is certainly flying by and maybe we are getting old!  But this isn’t about us – it’s about Helene!  And what a sweetheart and what a session!  Let’s start in the studio with a black and blowy shot – Helene looks fantastic here!

Hey It's HeleneNext we headed out on location and we had a perfect day!  Not too hot or humid and great lighting.

Here is a behind the scenes vine with a couple highlights of the day – you can see where we did the black and blowy…

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