Photographs Of A Biloxi Bride And Her Beau With A Baby On The Way!

Biloxi Bride has a nice ring to it and we love Lana – we have for a while even before we met her in person!  We met Lana through Periscope, a live streaming app owned by Twitter that we’ve been broadcasting on since 2015.  To say that this app changed our lives would be an understatement and these photos are further proof – heck we’ve blogged about it enough that if you’ve been following us at all over the last couple years you know this already…

Meanwhile when we first saw the handle of @thelittlemilfmaid pop up on the app we had to chuckle a little.  And it turned out to be Lana – a gorgeous little fireball with a cute little boy and a fascinating life as a dancer in New Orleans with plenty of tales of her own on the app.  We connected with her and became fast friends, and she even shipped us some delicious chicory coffee from NOLA – YUM!  She had been saying for a while that she wanted to have us take pictures of her someday and we thought that would be so much fun to do!  Well the opportunity finally presented itself…

Here’s one to start with of the happy couple!

Biloxi Bride

Awwww so sweet!

The Frameable Faces Spring Tour 2017!

We had been talking about taking a road trip during spring break to see family and friends, and we knew that not only did we have some friends we met through Periscope along the way, but that some of them had been saying for some time that they would love to do a photo session with us if only we were closer!  We put the word out that we were coming South and Lana along with our friend Nelma in Pensacola (blog post coming soon) both said “we’re in” for photos!  The Frameable Faces Spring Tour 2017 started to take shape (blog post coming on that too).  We had it all planned out to do an afternoon session in Biloxi with Lana and her fianc√© Chase who are also expecting!  Lana was around 6 months pregnant for this shoot and you would barely know it.  They are going to be a perfect blended fam – Chase has kids of his own, and Lana’s little guy Channing and her mom Angela (both of whom we also know from Periscope) actually came by to hang out on the session and we had so much fun.  What’s cool about Periscope is 9 times out of 10 when someone is broadcasting live you get to see who they really are – it’s not usually super rehearsed and Lana is no exception – she’s cray cray in the very best way way – a true delight!

Meanwhile here is the behind the scenes broadcast we did live on – you guessed it – Periscope.  You can download the app and join in the fun on our future broadcasts at @FrameableFaces here or you can also check them out from twitter here.

As you can see in the broadcast we did some photographing at the Hurricane Katrina Memorial – a sobering spot marked by a beautiful mural.  Biloxi was hit extremely hard by the hurricane and the resiliency of the community was on display everywhere you looked – we were impressed with the cool little coastal city.  Here’s one of our resulting photos at that spot:

Biloxi Bride

Love that pose!

Chase meanwhile is a bit of a jack of all trades – he repairs iPhones and is an MMA fighter, so don’t mess with him.  Hehe…

We moved around town for a few shots and finished at a park close to the Biloxi lighthouse for these last two:

Biloxi Bride

Biloxi Bride

We should also mention a fun little footnote….  these were originally planned as engagement photos, but these two decided to change gears and get married less than a week after our session!  So they’re already married!!!  Lana has already been a Biloxi Bride and the next photo is a perfect happily ever after to finish on!

Biloxi Bride

So there you have it – a Biloxi Bride and her beau with a baby on the way!  We hope you enjoyed our first ever photo session in Mississippi with this wonderful couple!

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