Sal Was Smashing On His Birthday! It’s How He Looked And What He Did!

Sal is a smashing young lad to be sure.  We were excited to get this call since we have photographed many members of Sal’s family before including his two older siblings, but this was our first time photographing Sal.  And….we got to do it ON his first birthday!  What an honor to be able to spend some time with someone on their very first birthday!!!  That’s about as good as it gets.  We photograph plenty of first birthday sessions but they aren’t always on the day of their birthday so this was very cool.  Oh – and yes there is a cake smash – an epic one at that which we’ll save until the end…  🙂

Sal Looked Smashing…

We started on location and Sal arrived displaying a real sense of fashion!  The kid looked fantastic!  Haha…  We went to one of our favorite spots and started on the bridge and Sal turned it on immediately!  Check him out:


How awesome is he?  And the vest rocks.

It was hot out but Sal was a champ and we got a few more photos before we headed back to the studio to cool down…  Here’s one more…


Before we head back to the studio let’s take a look at our behind the scenes action shall we?  First we have our fun 6 second vine for your looping pleasure:

Now we have our extended replays of our live Periscope broadcasts from the day on our YouTube channel which are a ton of fun – and here is where you’ll see the real smashing come into play!!!  Lol…

Sal Was Smashing…

Now it was time for the real smashing – a cake smash!!!!  But before we let Sal “take the cake” we had to get a couple of him just being his awesome self – like this one:


And now for the smash!  I think he enjoyed this….


And there you have it!  A smashing session indeed!  We hope you enjoyed these highlights of our day with Sal!

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