A Is For Abby And The “A” Game She Brought To Her Senior Session!

A is for awesome, astounding, admirable, amazing and it’s also for Abby and the A game she brought to her senior session which had a little of all of those aforementioned and appropriate words when describing the results.  Haha – see what I did there?  The whole relationship started off in hilarious fashion when Abby and her mom Sharon walked into the studio for the first time and busted us doing our zany “Sir Doug & Lady Ally” Periscope act and it turns out they just fit right in!  Both of them are cute funny and snarky and we had an amazing time together on Abby’s session!

Hi Abby…

So let’s say hello to our beautiful senior….  We started out in the studio and we’ll highlight one photo on the brown background:

"A" Game

“A” also stands for adorable….  🙂

Before we head out to the location photos let’s take a look at the behind the scenes action from our day as we like to do.  First we have our vine for your 6 second looping pleasure and I really love this snippet since it captures much of the story with Abby’s sweet personality!

Next we have the extended replays of the live Periscope broadcasts from our YouTube channel we did which are plenty of fun!  You can download the app and follow us on Periscope at @FrameableFaces at this link.

Abby Brings Her “A” Game!

Keep in mind that Abby is a North Farmington Raider (just like us) and we only expect greatness from Raiders so we weren’t surprised at what a pro she was…  She killed it – take a look:

"A" Game


Our conditions were perfect for this shoot – a little hot maybe but not unbearable.  And we had some nice breezes here and there out on the dock for the series that produced this winner…

"A" Game

We’ll leave you with this last one in front of the Quarton Lake waterfall in Birmingham which serves as a nice background…

"A" Game

Beautiful!!!  And there it is – Abby’s “A” game and an amazing session.  We hope you enjoyed the highlights of our day with her!

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