Quinn And Our Quest For Quality Locations On Her Senior Session!

Quinn is a Qaracter (see what I did there?).  Haha – a character in the best way!  She’s smart, funny, unique and beautiful and she was totally into this session!  She made it a lot of fun to photograph her and her mom Linda is kind of awesome too.  We laughed a lot on this session and most notably for us we found several new spots to photograph in Birmingham that were right under our noses but we never noticed them!  Our quest was surely a success and we’re excited to share the highlights!!!

First in the studio…

We started in the studio but that doesn’t mean the photo we have here is any less uniquely Quinn – we hadn’t quite used this combination before with this floor, this chair, and the black backdrop…  Love this:


The browns and earth tones – so cool!  She looks fantastic!

We also have our behind the scenes broadcast replays from our day – first on Periscope from the studio, and if you want to be a part of our shows there you can download the link and follow us at @FrameableFaces here, or if you just want to watch from twitter you can do that as well!

Quinn and our Quest…

Here’s where it even gets more fun – we headed to Birmingham for the location photos and Ally just happened to notice that there was actually a pretty cool fence at the edge of a parking lot we use all the time.  It’s perfect!  It’s “Quinn’s Fence” now since that’s how we roll – we name new spots after the senior who pioneered them!


Here is the broadcast from this portion of the session (kinda funny – a couple of Howard Stern Show references and a couple salty drivers…) this time from Facebook Live!

We also found another spot we walk by all the time – a door behind glass that gives a cool effect and, well – Quinn is just a pro….


At this point we headed over to Quarton Lake (no not an excuse to get another Q word in here lol) to get a few more shots with what light we had left – the conditions were great and the lighting perfect…  Here is the Periscope replay:

…and here is the amazing result!


So there it is.  A successful quest with Quinn indeed to produce a spectacular session!  We hope you enjoyed the highlights of our day with her!


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