Ben Is Back And His Senior Session Was Another First For Us!

Yes Ben is back!  You may remember Ben from his spokesmodel photos representing the class of 2017 back in May, and now it’s time to share some highlights from his senior session – what was cool about this session (aside from Ben himself and his mom Gina who is a friend of ours) was that like the previous senior we just posted it was marked by a new location for us.  We had heard about Shiawassee Park in Farmington and driven past it over the years but we never thought to shoot there.  Well we can say now that it’s really nice and this was a great first for us!

Ben Is Back…

Don’t let the title mislead you by the way – Ben never “left” and we see Ben a lot actually, but this is his return to the blog and it starts with this shot in Farmington Hills:


Cool huh?  What a cool dude.

We also have plenty of behind the scenes fun from our day and while we are focusing on the location photos from the session here we also spent some time in the studio which you can see from this replay of our Periscope broadcast.  You can download the app and follow us there at this link, or you can just watch from Twitter at this link – either way be sure to follow us at @FrameableFaces!

Meanwhile we mentioned Shiawassee Park before and now it’s time to share a couple of photos from that location.  First with this neat spot at a bridge over the creek…


So awesome!!!  Ben and our daughter Lacey are pretty close friends so we know Ben pretty well and we were having fun at this point!  Ben is a cool guy too – he’s a pilot!  Yes – of planes…!

Here’s another, this time close up:


Here is the other behind the scenes broadcast we have to share – this time from Facebook Live!

Moving right along we left Shiawassee and headed to a blue door Ally had in mind, and we’ll leave you with this one…

BenDig it.

And that’s it!   Ben was back and in a big way – awesome times and a great session with this guy.  We hope you enjoyed the highlights of our day!


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