Spokesmodel Fun Times A Mill-i-an With Gillian!

We have had an amazing and rewarding winter (and spring) getting to know our spokesmodels of the class of 2015 and photographing them.  We are finishing with a flourish just like we started since this class is strong through and through.  We have three more to present to you starting with Gillian.  Of this year’s spokesmodels we have known her the least amount of time and yet we definitely connected with her and her mom right away when we first sat down with them.  We were excited for this session and we definitely had spokesmodel fun times a mill-i-an with Gillian!  Haha!

We started in the studio just briefly to get a couple quick shots on the black background.  Here is one of our favorites:

Spokesmodel Fun

Then we headed outside for a perfect day – the weather was beautiful!  Gillian’s mom even stopped at the very cool local shop Jen’s Gifts Of Love to pick up some amazing Traverse City Cherry scones to take on location with us.  Just had to give that shout out because they were that good and we love little local joints like that…  But now back to our stunning model!!!

Spokesmodel Fun

We have some really nice back light on the photo above as well as the next one.  We love getting out on the trails in the parks around town especially after this harsh winter and there really are some great ones to choose from!  We have our favorite spots, and as much as we love the meadow we went to next we just had to focus in on Gillian and Gillian only for this photo…  this shot is such a winner!

Spokesmodel Fun

Here is the behind the scenes vine from the session.  We love these!

We were doing really well on time so we went to one more spot we had never photographed before and we love the water as a backdrop!

Spokesmodel Fun

We have images from two more spokesmodel sessions to post so stay tuned for more spokesmodel fun coming your way!  Meanwhile we hope you enjoyed these photos of Gillian!  We certainly enjoyed our time with her!

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