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Marquian Is The Man!

The Saginaw Valley Cardinals are getting a great addition to their football team this fall.  A good football team is not just made of talent, but of good people.  It is the piece that might be least understood and toughest to measure, but it is critical.  You have to have guys with character who want to be a part of something bigger than themselves and will pick each other up and play for each other – for the team!  We are certain Marquian is that type of guy.  His mom is a fantastic lady and we think Marquian is just a really nice kid.  We had a great session with him as you are about to see.  Indeed, Marquian is the man!!!

Marquian is the man

If you follow our blog you know we like to set things on fire so we started with Marquian in his jersey and a football.  And yes, that is a real flame!  Next we went with some style (and Marquian has plenty) against the grey background…

Marquian is the man

From there we went on location to get some city shots and we had some pretty good weather – maybe a tad chilly but it was fine.  Love the texture and color of the brick wall we found here.


Next we have a little behind the scenes vine of the session!  You can see that we were indeed dealing with real fire in the studio!