Excited To Be With Emily On Her Senior Session!

We were excited to be with Emily on her senior session for a few reasons.  For starters she kicked off a jam packed week of seniors which is very exciting for us.  We love our seniors!  The latter half of August is a blast, and this next series of sessions coming up on the blog might not have happened if the extended forecast going into the week had played out the way it was predicted.  They were calling for potential thunderstorms every single day – 7 straight days.  That will be a theme in the story of these next several sessions as we dodged raindrops.

Each night looking at the next day’s forecast we were nervous about whether we would be able to shoot.  With Emily we were able to start earlier than planned (shout out here to Gloria at The Beauty Lounge for her flexibility and for doing an awesome job on Emily’s makeup) and the weather held off long enough for us to complete her session.  This good fortune lasted all week and Emily certainly kicked it off in style!  What a great session!

Excited To Be With Emily

Usually with an afternoon session we start in the studio first, but with potential storms coming we started on location.  When we consult with our seniors we usually explain how we try to avoid location shooting in the middle of the day so we don’t have the sun directly overhead.  But as in Emily’s case if we have enough cloud cover then we’re fine, and as you can see above our conditions were perfect – we even got some nice backlight on her hair!  Next we went for an urban look – Emily has that versatility to pull off the pretty and the gritty (which is still plenty pretty)!  🙂

Excited To Be With Emily

Here is our fun behind the scenes vine of her session:

With the outdoor shots safely completed we headed back to the studio to finish up with some indoor work.

Excited To Be With EmilyWe think the red background is just such a nice rich look and it’s perfect for Emily’s skin tone.  She looks beautiful and we love how this pose frames her face.  Let’s close it out with the black background for a close up:

Excited To Be With Emily

Those eyes!

So we were excited to be with Emily and our excitement was certainly justified!  Sure enough the skies opened up after we were done, and that was just fine with us!  We hope you enjoyed these photos from Emily’s session!

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