Loving Lindsey’s Senior Session!

We are loving Lindsey’s senior session for sure!  We had a fantastic morning with her and it was really cool for us to have her back as a senior because we photographed her a couple times for her dance photos years ago.  So now photographing her all grown up makes for one of those slightly surreal sessions that we get to do from time to time.  When Lindsey came in for the first time when she was probably 12 or 13 Ally said “I hope we get to take her senior pictures someday because she is such a pretty girl!”  So now here we are – and she is such a beauty!

Loving Lindsey

We had great weather for her session which makes it easy as well.  Lindsey has beautiful hair and the backlight in the photo above really accentuates it.

Loving Lindsey

We love the close crop photos right in on a face as well – they can be so immediate and so engaging like the one above!  You might even say Lindsey has a Frameable Face!  Ha!

As we usually do, we now give you our fun behind the scenes vine of the morning!

We’ll leave you with this last shot from the location before we head back to the studio for one more indoors as you saw in the vine.  This photo of Lindsey in nice casual jeans and the boots gives her a simple and relaxed look.

Loving Lindsey

We went with the black background back at the studio which came out really nice.  It is the same pose you see Lindsey doing in the vine above:

Loving Lindsey

So yes, we were loving Lindsey’s senior session and now you know why!  We hope you enjoyed these as much as we enjoyed having her back in our studio!

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