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Doing The Dew In The D With Jayson and a Few Murals!!!

When you do a senior session and you also dew the session, and you dew Detroit, and you do cool stuff with a cool dude named Jayson, then you know you’re really do(dew)ing it well!  Doo be doo be doo and da doo doo doo da dah dah dah….  okay let’s not get carried away with the play on words here.  Focus Doug.

The fact of the matter here is Jayson is a cool dude and we had a colorful session with him in Detroit.  There are murals all over the place down there if you know where to look, and if you throw in a little Mountain Dew pop art logo tee (and a random cabbage – that’s an inside joke from the session) then you come up with photo gold and the colors just pop all over the place.

Doing The D With Jayson…

Detroit was the plan for Jayson and his mom Korlyn came with – this was our second time with Korlyn on a shoot after our awesome shoot with Jayson’s brother Riley and we knew this would be a fun day.  We started out on Belle Isle for this black and white photo…


Love the occasional black and white for that timeless quality!

We also have plenty of behind the scenes action to share – we’ll start with the Facebook Live broadcast we did from Belle Isle!

Next we went “mural-ing” I guess you could say.  We found some great stuff over in The Belt to start with, and this is where Jayson was “Doin the Dew”:


Lookin’ good!!!

Now we have the link (there was an error in tweeting it for some reason) to the Periscope broadcast we did in Detroit.  You can follow us while you’re there and join in the shows in the future to be a part of the fun!

Here’s another one from downtown before we headed back to the studio:


Love it.

After a little lunch down by the Wayne State campus with older brother Riley joining us we headed back to the studio.  We also did a Periscope broadcast in the studio and what was cool about this one is we did it on our show “The Photo Shop” which airs on @ParachuteTV1 every Tuesday at 2PM EST UTC-4!  ParachuteTV was the very first network on Periscope and you can check the programming schedule at the website here.

And we’ll leave you with a photo of Jayson from the studio…


Love the blue!  And there you have it!  Doin the D as in Detroit made for a great day with Jay and we hope you enjoyed the highlights!

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