Really Great Session, Really Good Time, Really – With Riley!

Really great sessions are the norm around here with high school seniors.  They’re the norm with everyone else too, but we really do love this time of year when we’re out photographing seniors all the time.  To take that a step further they are really great especially when we have a ton of fun with a “somewhat skeptical” senior.  Let me explain.  Without meaning to embarrass him or anything I don’t know if I can say that Riley was exactly dreaming about his senior session for years or anything like that.  Now that’s not to say he was overtly resistant to being in front of Ally’s camera – he was very pleasant and friendly from the first meeting, I just think he didn’t totally realize how much fun this hangout could be.  And just so you know that is not entirely uncommon!  I’m taking a little liberty here in saying I believe he did have a really good time!

Really Great Session…

Meanwhile Riley’s mom is certainly in the “appearance business” as owner of Aqua Salon two doors down from our studio so she had a new suit ready to go for Riley for the more formal shots and the guy was looking sharp!!!  We started in the studio for some of those photos and Riley did a great job:

Really Great Session

Now that’s a fine looking young man!  We are big fans of the grey backdrop for the formal photos – in this case our grey fabric (as opposed to paper which we also use often).

Let’s take a look at one more in the studio before we head out on location…

Really Great Session

Digging the look on the black.  And now we’ll bring you some behind the scenes of the day first with our fun quick vine as we usually do.

And for those who want to see a little more extended bit behind the scenes here’s a two minute clip from our Periscope live broadcast on our YouTube channel!  Follow us there at @frameablefaces!

Urban Grit and a little History…

Next it was time to head to Pontiac for some city shots.  We love the feel of these location sessions in back alleyways for the gritty urban look.

Really Great Session

The history reference just refers to the deep history conversation I had with Riley on the way home.  Those of you who know me and even from reading this blog have seen how we reference history all the time and you may recall our blog posts where we studied images of American Presidents.  Riley is interested in pursuing political science and he really knows his stuff – I was impressed.  We talked history all the way home.  So we’ll leave you with one more photo for now…

Really Great Session

So there it is – you can see now that Riley’s session was legit – a really great session and we had a good time with him!  Hope you enjoyed the highlights from our day!

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