How To Become a Photographer

So how do you answer the question of how to become a photographer?  Let’s start by saying that you obviously cannot become a photographer from a blog post.  However I’ve gathered a few resources that combined together will give you a good guide for getting started whether you are just interested in photography as a hobby or if you want to become a real pro.  It’s certainly not the last thing you should read to become a photographer or a complete guide, but this post along with the links provided will be a good first thing to read.

How To Become A Photographer

How To Become A Photographer


Find out what inspires you and pursue it.  With photography there are plenty of ways to discover this.  One way is to simply take pictures.  LOTS of pictures.  Odds are you have a camera – even for now if it’s just the camera on your phone.  Take pictures every day and find out what moves you.  Another is to look at pictures.  This link is to the inspiration category at the Photo Argus – these posts of images are designed to inspire and there is some wonderful content here.  Here is the inspiration category at PetaPixel.  You should also read and follow these five steps by Scott Bourne, one of our go-to experts in the field – and find other articles like these.  Think in these terms and follow your dream!


Keep in mind it’s not the camera that makes great photos – the photographer does.  But having said that, once again here is a fantastic article by Scott Bourne on what you should think about in considering a new camera.  As for where to buy one, just check out a local camera store and buy local where possible!  If you are in New York City you should visit B & H which is the Taj Mahal of camera stores – the place is incredible and downright inspiring just being there.  They also provide fantastic help over the phone AND they provide free shipping on equipment.  Once you’ve invested in a camera take the time to learn your way around your camera.  As you gain experience make sure you are taking the time to learn technique, lighting, post processing and the tools that go with all of it.


If you want to be a pro you MUST learn the photography business.  Photography can obviously be rewarding even if you are just doing it for fun.  But if you want it to be your career then you need to really understand what makes it profitable, what makes it sustainable, what makes it rewarding, what makes it special.  Go to conventions, sign up for seminars, read books, hire an accountant.  Take the time to connect with other photographers, hone in on your specialty, find your niche and become the very best at it.  Learn how to use social media as a brand.  Learn how not to use social media as a brand.  This list goes on and on – there is so much to it.  It takes years to perfect your craft, learn the business and build a real studio but it can be done – after all, we are doing it….  and notice I didn’t say we did it – it’s an ongoing process – we are still learning every day.

If you are a photographer what advice would you give to someone starting out?  If you are starting out, share with us why you want to be a photographer – what inspired you?

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