It’s Cold Out Here – There Must Be Some Maddie In The Atmosphere!

Not to be taken too literally or seriously, this title (referring to a cheer with a long history) refers to how chilly it was the day we went outside to photograph Maddie’s spokesmodel session and how COOL calm and collected Maddie was despite the cold!  Maddie is another Walled Lake Northern Knight and the other nights were both indoor sessions, so we (okay I) really wanted outdoor photos.  And despite me ruining my shoes by stepping in a mud puddle and the wind blowing over a tripod and breaking a photo umbrella I’m still glad we did it, because the photos are great Indeed, and well, dang it it’s SUPPOSED to be warmer by now!  So yes, it’s cold out here, there must be some Maddie in the atmosphere!  Haha…

Maddie in the atmosphere

Maddie’s mom Lisa joined us for the day and we actually started in the studio – we haven’t featured much of our fun furniture yet for the class of 2020 so we wanted to get some of that done too.  So even though the setup was all about the outdoor shots, let’s start with the studio:


So adorable!!!  We call that chair “The Throne” and Maddie rocks it with the yellow top on the white backdrop!

Next we moved to the black couch with the black backdrop and we fired up a livestream on Facebook for some fun behind the scenes!  Take a look:

And the result:


Love it!

Now let’s get to those outdoor pics!  They really came out great and this is typical in that many of our seniors will do a combination of studio and on location photos during their session.


So cute!  And we also have more behind the scenes fun from the livestream we did on Instagram:

And we’ll leave you with one of those as our last image for now:


So pretty!  And there you have it – it was cold out here but it was because Maddie was in the atmosphere!  We hope you enjoyed the highlights!

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