Jordan Is A Jewel And She’s Our New Spokesmodel at West Bloomfield HS!

Jordan is a jewel indeed – she came highly recommended from one of our spokesmodels in the class of 2019 and now she’s leading the way at West Bloomfield High School for the class of 2020!  We really liked Jordan and her parents Jessica and Doug from the first moment we met them at the studio and we were able to get outdoors for some location photos for her spokesmodel session in Birmingham!  We’re excited to share a few – Quarton Lake is a great spot and very popular with our seniors for a reason.

Jordan is a Jewel

We actually started in the studio and got a few images on the black and we love this one so we’ll start with it:
Love it!!!
Now let’s get to Quarton Lake for the location photos – it was really windy which was a bit of a challenge but there were moments where the wind worked in our favor too so let’s take a look…
Really pretty with the backlight and Jordan’s hair getting a little assist from the breeze!  We also have some behind the scenes fun first from Facebook Live:

The Spring buds on the trees were just coming in as well which gave us a little pop of color…
Moving along taking advantage of different vistas and a few outfit changes which is typical for our senior sessions…
Love that one – framing Jordan nicely!
And we’ll leave you with one more behind the scenes vid from Instagram…

And there you have it!  Jordan was a jewel that day and she IS a jewel!  We are thrilled to have her representing our studio and we hope you enjoyed the highlights of our day!
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