A-lovin’ Havin’ Alivia Represent Frameable Faces As A Spokesmodel!

Ahhh Spring is finally (kinda) in the air here in Michigan and we were able to get outside for a class of 2020 spokesmodel session!  Couldn’t be more pleased to do that with Alivia who is adorable, an athlete, and a Bloomfield Hills Blackhawk!!!  We’ve gotten to know some of this fam over the last couple years at BHHS as our son Tony has been a football teammate of both of her brothers, and her parents are great – her mom Rhonda joined us on the session and she is a delight.  We did a little bit in the studio as well as on location for this session so let’s get to a few highlights shall we?

A’Lovin’ Alivia

 We started out in the studio on the black background to get some blowy 🌬 and some fiery 🔥 and well, wow.  Alivia just crushed it.  Here’s the setup with the fun behind the scenes livestream on Facebook Live – click on this and get a little chuckle… and be sure to give our page a “like”!

Here’s the awesome fiery result:


Okay that is bad ass.

At this point we headed on location and this is quite typical of our seniors where we’ll spend some time on a session in the studio AND on location – both options are included in our session fee at no additional charge with the exception of longer distances such as Detroit or Ann Arbor (also very popular).

As for Alivia, we love this closeup of her – a natural beauty!


Whoa!  Beautiful.

Alivia changed outfits too – how about some pretty in pink?



We also have some fun behind the scenes from our livestream on Instagram which you can click and see below – Alivia is just such a natural on camera!


And we’ll leave you with this one with the brick.  Sometimes the breeze gives you a perfect lift!


And there you have it!  A’lovin’ Alivia indeed – we are thrilled to have her as part of our crew!  We hope you enjoyed the highlights of our day with her!

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