Emily Emits Spokesmodeling Excellence For The Class of 2018!

Emily is our first North Farmington Raider of this upcoming class, and as we expect from Raiders she emits excellence – spokesmodeling excellence and plenty of other kinds too!  She plays the oboe, and she’s involved in a couple of organizations – smart, funny, talented, beautiful – a multiple threat!  We haven’t known Emily long, but we became instant fans when she first came to the studio for our meeting – of her and her mom Jennifer – and we are thrilled to have Emily representing the studio!

Spokesmodeling Excellence…

This session was entirely in the studio as the rain was falling outside, and we love these.  For the spokesmodel sessions there is no pressure to go outside and we can try out some new things in the friendly confines of the Frameable Faces studio!  We started out with the black background for this one…

Spokesmodeling Excellence

Such elegance – she looks fantastic!

We also have plenty of behind the scenes footage from the day starting with the replay of our Periscope broadcast.  You can follow us and join in the fun of future broadcasts by getting the app and following us at @frameablefaces here or you can just watch from Twitter!

Next we went with the simple clean white background which is always a winner for this relaxed close up of our girl…

Spokesmodeling Excellence

Spokesmodeling excellence indeed…

Next we broke out the red paper backdrop which we love for its richness and we captured a candid and playful Emily here…  so fun!

Spokesmodeling Excellence

Emily Emits…

At this point we broke out the metal which emits a little reflection of its own, but Emily clearly overpowered it for this next series and we experimented a little here – different angles for a couple of the shots, we flipped over the floor mats to give a stark black floor to add to the industrial look and we added a filter to the finished product – this setup will be known as “The Emily” going forward and here is some of the behind the scenes from the Facebook Live broadcast.  As you’ll see things started getting “crazy” at this point!  We had double broadcasts going as Emily was live with her own peeps on Instagram and Jennifer was directing some poses for Emily – we had a blast!  


LOVE this result….

Spokesmodeling Excellence

We’ll leave you with the Snapchat story of the session which we have posted on our YouTube channel….  fun!

And there you have it!  Emily clearly emitted spokesmodeling excellence on this day, and we cannot wait to get her back into the studio for her senior pictures later this year!  Love her!  We hope you are enjoying the continuing highlights of our amazing crew for the upcoming class of 2018!


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