Sami Spokesmodels and Slays At A Splendid New Spot!

Here we go moving right along with the upcoming class of 2018 as Sami spokesmodels and slays!  We are pretty excited for Sami as we are with all of the members of our new crew so far, and with this session we are particularly excited because we ventured out to a new location we’ve never been to and boy was it worth it!  Ally had the idea to give Mill Race Park a try in Commerce, and what a cool spot!  The Huron River, trails, a bridge, a covered bridge, graffiti – this park has it all, and all the features are in close proximity to each other.  A real gem!

Speaking of gems, Sami is surely one herself.  We’ve known Sami for a few years as well as her mom and dad and she is a real sweetheart – everyone has nothing but the nicest things to say about Sami!  She’s not only sweet and adorable either – she’s on debate team, Peer Corps, and she dances too!  She looked beautiful and the weather was crazy warm – 60 degrees on February 23rd!!!  And yes – that was yesterday as of this writing!  Ally was pretty excited to go through these and she grabbed 4 to edit so we could rush this out onto the blog and send out in our weekly Friday newsletter which you can sign up for here.  So with a quick shout out to the girls at Mandy Rose Studio for Sami’s makeup and hair let’s get to the location shots where Sami spokesmodels and slays shall we?

Sami Spokesmodels and Slays….

So the first landmark we came across was this cool bridge and that’s where we started:

Sami Spokesmodels

Love it!  

We also have plenty of behind the scenes fun from the session for you to check out.  First the replay of our live Periscope broadcast – you can join us on Periscope to be a part of our broadcasts here or you can just follow and watch from twitter as well! 

There are some great remains from the Commerce Roller Mill which dates back to the 1840’s so we played around with them for some shots – here’s one…

Sami Spokesmodels

When we were researching this location there was mention on the website of a covered bridge so we (Sami actually) found it and we fired up another Facebook Live broadcast…

…..and here is a resulting photo from the bridge!  “Sami’s bridge” going forward since she pioneered it which is how we roll here at Frameable Faces.  Actually the whole park is Sami’s…. lol.

Sami Spokesmodels

How cute is she?

Okay now we have one more shot to share – Ally loves this one of Sami just being adorable looking over her shoulder with more ruins in the background…

Sami Spokesmodels

We also did a few shots in the studio and you take a look at the behind the scenes fun below!  Sami will ultimately be able to share some of these on her own but we wanted to focus on the location for this post since it was a new spot for us!

We’ll finish it off with the Snapchat story we posted from the session – be sure to follow us there too!

So there you have it!  We now know when Sami spokesmodels it’s surely something special and we hope you enjoyed the highlights of our day with her!  She’ll be back on this blog and in the window of our studio – we’re not through with her yet!!!  Lol! 

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