Charity Channels Her Inner Charm For Her Champion Senior Session!

Inner charm, outer beauty, inner beauty, outer charm – all of it – Charity channels it!  Charity is another North Farmington Raider which is always a bonus for us as fellow Raider alums and we had a fantastic session with her!  Charity had to be a champ because it was chilly out – really chilly (how many words can Doug squeeze into this blog post that begin with “ch”?).  But she stuck it out and delivered some pure awesomeness in Pontiac for some city shots before we made it back to the warm confines of the studio…  Let’s get to it!

Charity Channels Her Inner Charm…

Charity is a sweetie and a dancer too so she’s got a lot going for her.  Her mom Caren joined us as we headed out on location.  First we have this photo on the fire escape…

Charity Channels

Love this because her outfit blends right in with the colors around her for one thing, and she just looks happy and great all the way around.  We actually have plenty of behind the scenes to share as well, and we’ll start with the replay of the Periscope live broadcast.  You can download the app and be part of the fun at @FrameableFaces at this link or you can also just watch from twitter here.

I have to mention that there is an amazing moment on this broadcast where Caren got very emotional watching her girl have her senior pictures taken and like a reporter I took a risk and ran over to catch it and ask her how she was doing – it was a good cry and so sweet!  Caren was great sport about it too!


At this point we relocated for a wardrobe change to another spot on a different set of steps and had some great backlight going for this one.

Charity Channels

That lighting and that smile!

You would never know we were pretty cold by the results…. and at this point it was time to get back to the studio.

First we have a close up of our girl on the red paper backdrop which is one of our faves for sure.

Charity Channels

We also have more behind the scenes fun this time from the replay of our Facebook Live broadcast!

Here’s a dramatic black and white version of our “black and blowy” setup that we are in love with…

Charity Channels

And we’ll end it with the Snapchat story we posted that day – you should be following us there too!  Snap us back!

So there you have it!  When Charity channels her inner charm it comes through with wonderful outer results!  We hope you enjoyed our highlights from our day with her!

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