21 Reasons Photography Is Completely Overrated

Yes.  Photography blows.  We should know better than anybody – we’re photographers.  Through extensive research we have compiled the 21 reasons why photography is completely overrated. 

21 Reasons


21 Reasons Photography Is Completely Overrated

  1. You’re ugly and no one wants to see photos of you (shots fired! okay you’re not really ugly – this is an intentionally silly list)
  2. Your friends are ugly and no one wants to see photos of them either
  3. It costs a lot of money to actually get a good photo taken – like by an actual pro
  4. Good cameras are like way too expensive and hard to use
  5. Smartphone cameras can be a pain in the butt to figure out and even harder to use effectively than actual cameras
  6. That one time you looked really fat in that photo that was posted on Facebook
  7. You have all these photos with your ex that you never want to look at again
  8. Actual memories are better and you can kinda change them in your head to make them even a little better than they are – it’s harder to change a picture
  9. Because like, leave me alone
  10. Smiling makes your face sore
  11. Your dad is annoying – always wanting to take a picture of you
  12. Your dad is even more annoying thinking selfies make him cool
  13. Your dad is yet even more annoying doing snapchat selfies with half of his face cut off because he knows “it’s a thing”

    21 Reasons

    Exhibit A – Reason #13

  14. Your mom is annoying for all of the three previous reasons even if slightly less annoying than your dad
  15. Instagram overposters
  16. Having to explain……..like, anything
  17. Okay an example of #16 – You told someone you didn’t feel like going out but then got photographed…….out
  18. Narcissists aren’t cool in general and photography gives them an outlet to be….narcissists.
  19. Storage / Syncing struggles
  20. The awkward moment where someone is trying to imply that they want to take a picture of the rest of the group who have something in common that you don’t really have with them.  I mean, it makes sense but still totally awkward.
  21. Lists like this

So there you go – 21 reasons photography is completely overrated!  Feel free to add more to the list…. 

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