26 Of The Best Frameable Faces Vines Of All Time

***Note*** This post was written shortly before the announcement one week later that Twitter was getting rid of Vine, so this collection of Vines was looking like an epitaph of sorts (and a fun one at that), but wait!  Not so fast….as two weeks later they announced they might save it by selling it….  Stay tuned.  In the meantime enjoy!

We love Vine!  Yes it’s not very popular anymore but we have had a lot of fun there over the last few years…  We have posted 354 vines since our very first one on June 11th, 2013 when it finally became available for Droid (right before we switched to iPhones) and they’ve been watched a total of 223,603 times as of this writing!  We’ve had some great moments here at the studio and a lot of fun with Vine’s 6 second looping format, so I thought it would be fun to select some of the best and feature them in one post.  Vine is a great way to tell stories in a condensed way and in most cases for us they are repurposed from another platform like Periscope, Snapchat or Facebook Live!  Here we have 26 “for your looping pleasure” as I usually like to say on this blog.  So we have 26 vines at 6 seconds each.  That’s 26×6=156/60 = 2.6 total minutes so you should be able to zip through these in no time!!!  So here we go in reverse chronological order…

26 of our best vines

This was a recent senior session with Reed which was a classic… We spent a day in Detroit and one of those merry peddling bars of partiers came by and jumped into a photo – oh and there was a wipe out.  It’s all captured in 6 seconds….  haha!

We spoke at Podcast Movement in Chicago this past summer and on a break we decided to mess with a few people, well….because it’s fun.

Also on this Chicago trip we photographed our first senior session in the Windy City – it was a such a cool experience with Taria!

Snapchat shenanigans…. and uh – well, yeah……

This vine is legendary – the “sharting baby” will never be forgotten….

Angela our event photographer is a complete sweetheart and always game for some fun!

Here’s a bit from our panel discussion when we spoke at Summit Live (known at the time as the Periscope Community Summit) in San Francisco – Ally singing my praises of course….

So yes we’ve been married for over 20 years but Ally can’t finish ALL of my sentences….

Not gonna lie, it’s fun to feature Jason Carr and Taryn Asher since they are such a well known and beloved couple in this town from their roles on the local news…  But this session was notable for being the first and only (so far) family winter photo session and a photo from this day is displayed in the window of our studio.

Part of our “Periscope war” with Ryan Bell when he made a would-be-innocuous comment about those of us who were early adopters of live video being geeks and nerds with regard to online technology.  Well……Ally took it personally.

This one cracks us up because our senior Mario Kakos went with the Mario Brothers theme for one of the shots on his senior session…  Hilarious.

The word of the day was Eureka….  hehe

We were part of a lip sync train on Periscope – here’s a clip…. haha

Tom is the glue that holds the mall together and he visited us one day during a live broadcast and then….we’re not sure!  LOL!

More from the Ryan Bell wars….. Ryan made a Periscope “troll account” called Flammable Feces – it’s a long story.  He even used our logo!  Well I guess I freaked out a little…..


My old buddy Aaron Norvell is an actor in Hollywood and he came by the studio for pretty memorable visit….

Christian’s session was epic – an evening session that went long after sundown, and while we light footballs and volleyballs on fire all the time, it’s not every day that we light a trombone on fire!

Ally really enjoys the opportunity to teach and to give back and on this day she had a group from BBYO here through the Building Entrepreneurship program!


Claire gave us the infamous “frog incident”…. haha

Loved getting Elise’s reaction to Alanah’s prints when she came to pick them up!

Loved this family session with the Kamens!  What an awesome crew…

Here’s Ally being interviewed by Kam Carmen for a feature Fox 2 News did on us!

This was actually Ally’s revenge on former “mascot” turned spokesmodel Mara Cranis!!!

Here’s what prompted it….

Sometimes you need to get creative like with off camera flash at a natatorium like on Danny McNeese’s senior session!

Our very first vine!!!  Back to where it all started!

So there it is!  You can see our Vines on twitter as well if you don’t have the app, and we hope you enjoyed this fun trip through our past Vines!


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