Caitlin (and Patrick) On A Perfect October Day For Senior Photos!

So this is indeed the story of Caitlin’s senior session which took place on a perfect October day in Birmingham, Michigan!  But Patrick was a welcome addition and companion and he helped make the session even more fun!  Patrick is a girl’s best friend – a young Collie with plenty of energy, and he posed quite nicely for a couple of shots!

Meanwhile we enjoy Caitlin a lot and her mom Deborah is a delight too!  We had plenty of fun and laughs on this bright sunny and warm day!  Actually the warm weather lasted much longer than usual this year and that made for more days like this deeper into senior season than you can usually expect…  Besides, Caitlin’s session was almost all on location so we got to enjoy a beautiful day.

Caitlin (and Patrick)…

Let’s start with the girl and her pup:

Perfect October Day

So fun!!!

Here’s the replay of the live Periscope broadcast from this part of the session.  If you want to be a part of our broadcasts in the future you can download the app and follow us at @FrameableFaces here, or you can just watch from Twitter!

Next we moved over to a couple of our fave spots to focus on the girl with the awesome red hair for the rest of the session…

Perfect October Day

Perfect October Day

Ooooh that backlight though!

We went live for another Periscope broadcast while we were at it too…

….and time for another outfit change!

Perfect October Day

We took to Facebook Live as well for some more behind the scenes fun as we moved into downtown Birmingham – check it out!

We’ll leave you with this last photo from the city…  love the lamp post shot!

Perfect October Day

And there you have it – a perfect October day with a fantastic girl!  We hope you enjoyed the highlights of our day with her!

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