Awestruck By Akwia And Her Awesome Senior Photos!

Awestruck by Akwia is how we felt on the day of her session – softspoken and sweet, athletic and beautiful – she’s got the whole package!  We had a great time hanging out with her as well as her mom and her pup Sophie!  Just a great session overall and we are excited to share a few sneak peeks with you!

Awestruck By Akwia…

We started out on location over by the West Bloomfield Library – one of our favorite spots for natural beauty (not to mention a great library as a side note) and the fall colors were in full swing.  We’ll start on a trail where you’ll see a nice pop of “Pure Michigan” orange in the distance to compliment Akwia in this lovely red dress.



Before we look at more photos let’s take a look at our fun behind the scenes footage from our day.  First we have our fun 6 second looping Vine where you’ll see Sophie getting into the action and a little studio fire:

Next we have the extended replays of our Periscope broadcasts from the session for those who want to see a little more behind the scenes.  They are linked together (location and studio).  If you still haven’t downloaded Periscope you can follow us at @frameablefaces and do so at this link.

Okay now let’s get back to the photos including this one with Akwia and Sophie!



Back To The Studio…

Let’s now head back to the studio where we “turned the heat up” with a little fire in a photo that provides a little contrast of the glamour and the grit!


And now we’ll leave you with more of a close up that is just simply Akwia and we love it!


And there it is – you can now see why we are awestruck right?  Congrats to Akwia – she rocked this session and we hope you all enjoyed the highlights!


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