Aiming For Amazing With Atara, And Getting There!

Aiming for amazing with Atara is not exactly difficult since it’s not a moving target.  The girl has been nothing but amazing since we have known her!  Beautiful girl, smart, nice, and her family is about as good as they come.  Atara represented our studio this year as a spokesmodel for the class of 2016 so you may remember her awesome spokesmodel session from back in March.  She is great in front of the camera so we were excited to do it again for her senior session.  In March we were in the studio the whole time so this time we focused exclusively on outdoor locations.

Aiming For Amazing

This time around we met Atara and her parents on a cool fall morning at the Franklin Cider Mill for our first location, and of course cider and donuts were part of the plan.  YUM.  Okay let’s not get too sidetracked…. let’s focus on the amazing we were aiming for – let’s focus on Atara!!!

Aiming For Amazing

Love that bridge at the cider mill!  Such a pretty photo!

Okay before we check out the rest let’s look at our fun behind the scenes footage from our morning.  First with our 6 second looping vine:

Now let’s take a look at the extended replay of our live Periscope broadcast with a special guest host – Atara’s dad Rabbi Joey!  If you still haven’t downloaded the Periscope app you can do it and follow us at @frameablefaces at this link:

Okay now let’s continue with a few more photos!

Aiming For Amazing

LOVE this one.

Aiming For Amazing

Pretty girl in a pretty gazebo!

Okay one more for good measure with a specially requested tree…

Aiming For Amazing

The color combination there is fantastic and Atara looks amazing!  Come to think of it, that’s what we were aiming for after all right?  I’d say we got there.  Totes.  And so there it is – we hope you enjoyed the highlights of our amazing day with Atara!


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