It’s Kyra’s Turn in the Senior Session Spotlight!

It’s Kyra’s turn in the senior session spotlight being our second senior from her family – Kyra’s older brother Brendan was a Frameable senior a couple years back (he can be seen as the 6th senior from the top leaning against the silo here) and we met Kyra then as the spunky younger sister!  We really liked her then, so we were excited when we got the call from their mom Karen that Kyra would be coming to the studio for her own senior photos!

Kyra’s Turn

Kyra was ready to deliver on this day!  We spent most of our time on location in Birmingham but we started in the studio so let’s start our highlights there on the black background shall we?

Kyra's Turn


Next it was time to head to Birmingham where we focused on both the natural setting of Quarton Lake as well as some more cosmopolitan shots downtown… here are a few from downtown starting with this one of Kyra against the lamppost with a nice pop of color in the background:

Kyra's Turn

Kyra really did a great job all the way around – just very at ease and a natural in front of Ally’s camera.  Here’s our fun behind the scenes vine of our day:

We also have to add that not only was Kyra a natural in front of Ally’s camera, but she had a lot of fun with our audience on our live Periscope broadcast from the session.  Here is the replay of our almost 25 minute broadcast of a portion of the session which saw many of our favorite photographers from around the world including Toronto and the UK tune in and say hello!  Both Kyra and Karen had fun with this and feel free to watch the whole thing, fast forward through the photography talk while Kyra changed outfits, or whatever you like!  Be sure to download the app and follow us there at @frameablefaces!

Okay now let’s get back to a couple more photos from the session!  We have gotten a fair amount of use out of the fountain so far with this class, and why not?

Kyra's turn

Lastly here is a shot from the grey wall featured so prominently in our broadcast:

Kyra's turn

Great one to leave you with if we do say so ourselves.  Kyra is a star.

So there you have it – it was Kyra’s turn in the senior session spotlight as we said at the beginning and boy did she make the most of it!  We hope you enjoyed the highlights!

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