Cyd’s Censational and Cpectacular Cenior Cession!

First things first – we fell in love with Cyd and we think it’s cool that she’s Cydney with a “C”, and so while we do know how to spell the words in our title properly we thought we’d “ceize” the opportunity to craft a unique title for her!  One that’s memorable, because her session was memorable and so is she!

Cpectacular Cenior

We are always impressed when a senior calls the studio themselves to coordinate and make the appointment, and when Cyd came in with her mom for the consultation and informed us that they are related to two of our favorite twin seniors from last year we knew we were in for a special session.  We did a quick few shots in the studio but Cyd was all about that nature, ’bout that nature, ’bout that nature – less studio.  Haha – so we ordered up a perfect sunny 77 degree day and headed to Quarton Lake in Birmingham.

Cpectacular Cenior

What a photo right?  She’s a total natural.

Cpectacular Cenior

Cyd has a great sense of style too – this is a great session for our seniors to get some ideas from for outfits and each photo today will feature a change of clothes.  You’ll also see from our fun behind the scenes vine a quick peek at the studio portion of Cyd’s session:

Meanwhile we did a live Periscope broadcast from the session and we have a couple of minutes of it to share with you from our YouTube channel (for some weird reason when we downloaded the replay a chunk of it cut out in the middle but it’s still fun).  Follow us on Periscope at @frameablefaces for more Frameable Faces TV!

Okay let’s get back to the photos shall we?

Cpectacular Cenior

Love that photo – the in-the-water shot is one of our favorites.

Okay one more with the waterfall in the background.  One of the cool things about this shot was the brand new trellis that was there!  We were at this spot a week before and it wasn’t there, so for us it’s going to be “Cyd’s Trellis” from now on (because that’s how we roll when a senior does something new – we name it after them).

Cpectacular Cenior

And so there it is.  Cyd’s censational and cpectacular cenior cession!  We hope you enjoyed the highlights!

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