Getting The Siblings Together On A Special Day

Getting the siblings together on a special day is always a great plan for a photo session and that’s just what this family did.  The youngest brother was graduating high school on this particular day and one of the older sisters was in town to celebrate, so along with their mom we gathered at Cranbrook to mark the occasion with a photo session.

We rarely get to take photos at Cranbrook because it’s typically prohibited unless you are an approved vendor, but students of Cranbrook are obviously allowed to take photos on the grounds and we met these four there where Jonah had his cap and gown from the day’s ceremony earlier.  While we did do a few shots of Jonah in his cap and gown, for this post we are going to focus on the siblings together along with one beautiful shot of all four!

Siblings Together

Let’s start in reverse order from the session with a couple of shots in casual and comfortable dress…

Siblings Together

Good looking kids!

Next let’s get in a little closer with this close crop.  A nice little breeze on the hair makes for a lovely photo!

Siblings Together

Before we move on to a clothing change here is our fun behind the scenes vine of our day…

Dressing it up a little…

We actually started out on this session with everyone dressed up a little in all white.  This is the signature family shot from the session of all four of them.  We love the way this one turned out.

Siblings Together

Lastly here is one more playful photo of the three siblings in a garden – a well composed photo of the three having fun with flowers in the foreground!  We just think this is a delightful one to end on!

Siblings Together

So there you have it – a special day indeed of getting the siblings together, and we hope you enjoyed the highlights!

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