The 13 Types Of Periscope Scopers – A Survival Guide For Chatters!

You may have read our post about the 13 types of Periscope chatters and you may have seen the ensuing broadcast about it on Periscope which was an epic laughfest for all involved.  For that one I wrote the article first and then we did the broadcast.

Periscope Scopers

Ally and Doug probably being one of the 13…

Well the reception to that broadcast was so fantastic it inevitably required a sequel, and this time we did it in reverse.  I made a few notes, put together a slide show and we did another broadcast once again with Ally providing the demonstrations.  So now here is the companion blog post.  Now that we exposed all the different types of chatters we encounter on Periscope, let’s turn the tables on the scopers!  Here’s the actual broadcast and the breakdown of the 13 below.

The 13 Types Of Periscope Scopers…

  1. The Too Close For Comfort Scoper – this scoper isn’t going to be satisfied until you have become completely acquainted with their nose hair, teeth and eyebrows – or as some chatters pointed out in the broadcast, the pores in their skin.
  2. The Distracted By Comments Scoper – this scoper will literally try to start the same sentence 23 straight times and won’t be able to do it because they just can’t stop answering all the comments.  Always a challenge since you want to be social and talk to your viewers, but sheesh – get on with it man!!!  This scoper may also graduate to being a juggler – more on that later.
  3. The Multitasker – in the scope I referred to this one as the “JUST Missed Your Comment Scoper” but I realized this scoper isn’t paying attention to the screen because they are multitasking.  They often will ask a question and then get distracted by something else going on and then come back to the screen to catch your 3 line typed out question just as it’s fading into extinction and they’ll only get the first line before it’s gone…
  4. The Bad Lighter – this scoper is scoping in the dark while asking you your opinion on something that’s impossible to see because, well, they’re scoping IN THE DARK.
  5. The Earthquake – tons of turbulence here…  in the broadcast you’ll see that everyone was getting dizzy and nauseous because the scoper is unaware of how important it is to try to steady their smartphone.  Watch, I’ll end up feeling bad about this one if someone is scoping during an actual earthquake.
  6. The Shy Scoper – curious that someone would download this app and start scoping if they don’t want to be seen, but some scopers are nervous and they scope the floor or the wall while talking to you…  Or maybe they haven’t figured out how to double tap their screen yet.
  7. The Thankful Scoper – these people are SO happy that people have showed up to their scope!  They will gush and jump for joy when people show up, and sometimes a certain special scoper will pop in that will make them lose their mind completely.
  8. The Beggar – a potentially annoying scoper to be sure, the beggar will campaign for hearts, shares, follows, tweets, and invites.  They will find any number of creative ways to get you to tap your screen – they are completely addicted.
  9. The Overscoper – as you can see a couple people got nervous when this slide popped up in the broadcast.  Periscope can be addictive in nature, and overscoping can be dangerous to building a following especially  for those chatters who haven’t changed their notification settings and have their iPhone doing that “hello” whistle at them courtesy of the overscoper 10-20 times per day…
  10. The Unable To Gauge What’s Actually Exciting Scoper – as a side note I’m pretty disgusted with myself for misspelling “gauge” in the slide deck for the broadcast on this one…  In any event, this scoper sees a squirrel in a park and thinks it’s going to be ratings gold.  Most people have encountered squirrels.  Seeing someone else encounter one by watching it happen on your iPhone isn’t quite that exciting.  You don’t need to scope the squirrel.
  11. The Off-Topic Scoper – pretty self explanatory.  This scoper will entitle their scope “5 Things To Do In Detroit” and end up scoping about, well, a squirrel, or maybe Game Of Thrones.  Sometimes this is partly the fault of the Off-Topic chatter who throws the scoper off-topic.
  12. The Juggler – the juggler sometimes starts out as a “distracted by comments scoper”.  The juggler tries to keep three or more separate conversations with three different chatters going at the same time.  It never goes well and this inevitably can lead to injury.
  13. The Long Goodbye Scoper – this scoper says they HAVE to go.  They are signing off, but wait – they can’t leave while hearts are still flowing, comments are still going, and chatters are still showing.  These people are often closet beggars.  These goodbyes seem to go on forever and sometimes something is said that restarts and extends the scope which proves that the scoper really had nothing else to do in the first place.
  14. The Unprepared Scoper – note the title indicates that there are 13 scopers for this post, but in order to demonstrate the importance of scope preparedness we snuck in this 14th scoper which proves the point.  Prepare for your scope so you aren’t scrambling in the middle of a scope to find something else you meant to cover and can’t find.  This can be uncomfortable for all involved.

So there you have it!  The 13 Types of Periscope Scopers!  There are plenty more where they came from and I’m sure this will be good for at least a couple more scopes of categories of chatters and scopers, so stay tuned….

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2 responses on “The 13 Types Of Periscope Scopers – A Survival Guide For Chatters!

  1. T. A.

    I am definitely a number 7! Many times I get so excited during a scope I start trying to tap MY screen to give hearts to the people coming in to my scopes. For some reason the way the photos on all the Periscope profile pictures that come up with the comments are so great-looking I often end up distracted thinking, ” Wow this is such a gorgeous audience,” at which time I become a number 2 – but as we know, number 2s happen sometimes even to the best of us 🙂

    1. Doug Cohen Post author

      Ha!!! I’m still guilty of being the long goodbyer – I’ve never been good at the disciplined goodbye. The most disciplined goodbyer in the entire community by far to this day in my opinion is Ms. Candy Blog. She’s awesome and she doesn’t mess around! And you’re right #2 can definitely happen to the best of us!!! 🙂

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