Balloons, Cake, Family And A Yummy One Year Old!

Balloons, cake, family and a yummy one year old sums this session up, and I would even take that further and say that that sums life up!  Right?  That’s what it’s all about – moments like these.  This family was a delight and they actually came in with multiple family members and generations.  Everyone had a ball being together and celebrating this milestone with the youngest member of the crew!

A portrait photographer’s dream…

We started with some photos of the proud parents and our little guest of honor in traditional dress which is indeed a portrait photographer’s dream!  The feast of colors are just a joy to photograph.  Let’s take a look at one from this part of the session:

Yummy One Year Old

Just beautiful!  We love these.

Next let’s take a look at another family portrait that was a little more casual with our little guy up on daddy’s shoulders – always a fun playful shot!

Yummy One Year Old

Next let’s take a fun look at our behind the scenes vine from the day!  You’ll see a “smashing” preview of what’s to come!  Haha!

Yummy One Year Old and Yummy Cake!

Yes our little star was ready for his cake at this point and he had a smashing good time alright – his parents brought in a huge “H” balloon which as you can guess is the first letter of his name, and he made a fun mess!  Check it out:

Yummy One Year Old

Look closely at this next photo – you can see that he has a full handful of cake…  haha!

Yummy One Year Old

So fun right?  We enjoyed it as we always do when we have a yummy one year old at the studio.  We hope you enjoyed the highlights from our day!

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