Photos From A Special Night At Club Sedona!

We are proud to present to you some awesome photos from a special night at Club Sedona!  This was another unique opportunity to watch our amazing event photographer Angela in action at a special occasion that we attended as guests.  This is a very rewarding experience because we get to celebrate such a special day with friends on a personal note and we know we can have a part in making their day even more special with amazing photos from a professional standpoint.

Sedona becomes a bat mitzvah

We have known Sedona since she was tiny – almost her whole life and she is growing up to be a beautiful, nice, smart, and funny girl.  It was a delight to be at her bat mitzvah, and as with most bat mitzvahs we photograph we’ll start at the Temple on the bimah with Sedona and her family.

Angela also captured a couple of really nice moments between Sedona and her siblings at the Temple:

So sweet right?  Here’s a nice one of the bat mitzvah girl by herself:

On To Club Sedona…

The party was held at Emagine in Royal Oak which is a great venue for a party!  Music, great food, dancing, candle lighting, and even a little bowling!  What a blast.  Let’s start with a photo of Sedona in front of one of the banners featuring a photo that Ally did at the studio…

Club Sedona

So fun!  Now let’s give you a feel for the party which Angela captured splendidly!  Take a look:

Club Sedona

Club Sedona

Club Sedona

Club Sedona

A great time was had by all and Sedona was the star on her special day!  Great girl, great family!  Club Sedona was a huge success!  We hope you enjoyed the highlights, and once again big credit to our event photographer Angela who captured the day!

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  1. Paula

    Really great set up and pics. I was just sorry I could not come. I was so looking forward to the event two fold. One to be a part of Sedona’s celebration and the other to see my friends just down the street. God Bless this child.

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