The 5th Annual Senior Spokesmodel Party With The Class of 2016!

If you have walked by our studio then you have seen the long white mural of high school senior spokesmodels that graces our window.  Maybe you’ve noticed that we change it up every year with our new crew, and we take those photos at our annual get together with our team when we PAR-TAY at the studio!

Spokesmodel party time!

We gathered at the studio with our peeps and as we always do, we brought in food from the Pine Lake Market who does a fantastic job of catering (ask for Nick).  We even had a birthday cake for Caitlin since it was her birthday on the day of the party!  This year we incorporated a couple new platforms that we weren’t using last year like Periscope and we broadcasted our crew introducing themselves – take a look:

Squad goals…

Next we premiered the new Spokesmodel Video which is a big highlight for us every year.  This represents months of photographing these awesome kids who we get very close to, and we are very proud of this…

The video includes this collage that we also worked on this Spring – because just (Frameable) FACE it – the class of 2016 is a B16 DEAL!!!

Spokesmodel Party

Next it was time to take the pictures for the mural which is always a lot of fun, and we posted a little behind the scenes vine as we usually do for sessions, but this time we managed to get a glance at all of them posing!  Take a look…

A Celebration of Murals…

Since this was our fifth mural we thought it would be fun to celebrate that milestone on Instagram – check it out:

Spokesmodel Party

And let’s give the new one its own spotlight – it’s about to get its own spot in our window where you’ll be able to come by and see it in all its glory!!!

Spokesmodel Party

So there you have it – another great new team to represent our studio as we roll into a new season of seniors!  WE CAN’T WAIT!!!

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