This Family Is Definitely A Work Of Art!

The family is the classic masterpiece isn’t it?  This family session was special for a few reasons.  For starters they don’t all live in the same city so when they get together it’s really nice for them, which in turn makes it really nice for us to be a part of.  The fact that they would choose to capture the occasion of being together here at our studio is really rewarding for us.  In addition, Larry and Ally have gotten to know each other through spinning class and Larry is just a great guy so when he decided to bring his wife Barbara and their kids here we got excited!  Ally teaches spinning classes a few times per week and Larry comes to the class and brings a lot of good energy so we knew this session would be fun!

A Work Of Art…

Let’s start with a couple of family portraits shall we?  The first one is a bit of a classic pose that really turned out nicely…

Work Of Art

Up next what would a family portrait session be at Frameable Faces without a family hug right?  We love the family hug!

Work Of Art

They really were enjoying being together that day and you can see it!

Now let’s take a look at a fun photo of the siblings…

Work of Art

…and one of the happy couple!

Work Of Art

Now before we share one last bonus photo let’s look at our fun behind the scenes vine of the session!

More Works Of Art!

So as you can see in the vine Larry wanted to celebrate Barbara’s art as well so we wanted to share one last photo of Barbara with her work!

Work Of Art

How cool right?  Not sure we’ve done a photo quite like that one – love it.

And so there it is – a family that is truly a work of art!  We hope you enjoyed the highlights from their session!

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