Jordan’s Beautiful Senior Session – With A Special Guest…

Jordan is a sweetheart and what a nice family she has!  This was a special session with a special guest – Andy the horse!  This is the fourth time we have photographed a senior with her horse and we really love these sessions.  What beautiful and majestic animals horses are and Andy was no exception.  He also had a sweet disposition – a mellow fellow who spent some of our time just casually chowing on the grass around him.  But we’ll get to Andy a little more later…

First Just Jordan…

First let’s concentrate on a couple shots of Jordan in the studio.  Her mom and little brother were both here to cheer her on and Jordan nailed her poses and she is extremely photogenic!  We started off with some Spartan gear since she’ll be attending Michigan State in the fall:

Special Guest

She’s so cute!  Next we went for a slightly more dramatic look against the black backdrop and she nailed this shot too…

Special Guest

Love that one – we are particular fans of the black leather look against the black backdrop!

Now let’s take look at our behind the scenes vine of our day with Jordan and here we get our first look at Andy!

One funny note about that vine, when I was posting it something happened that I just had to screenshot and tweet…  take a look.  Haha!

Special Guest

Special Guest Andy!

Once we were done in the studio it was time to head up to the stable.  Jordan’s dad was there so we had the whole family hanging out which was really nice.  Obviously this day was all about Jordan, but the interaction between her and Andy was so sweet and you can get a sense for their connection in the vine above and in these next two photos for sure.  We love the way this silhouette turned out as Jordan gently gives a kiss to her friend.

Special Guest

We’ll leave you with one more of Jordan and Andy just hanging out together on a nice sunny day…

Special Guest

Beautiful right?  We loved this session, this family, and this girl!  We hope you enjoyed these highlights from our day with them!

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