Leah – Senior Spokesmodeling In The Snow!

Since we photograph our senior spokesmodels from January to April we usually get a few spokesmodeling in the snow which is fine since there actually is a little demand for snow pictures every year.  This winter has been brutal and we have certainly been able to get all the snow shots we need already.  However no matter what the conditions are each year it is rare that a day lines up so perfectly where you can get nice big fluffy snowflakes fluttering gently down from the sky.  A day with no wind, not bitter cold – just right.  We had one of these days ordered up just for Leah!  But more on that later….

High School Spokesmodel

We started out in the studio so we could get some on the black background.  We used the black stool with the black once so far with this class but this look is a little different with Leah in black and crouching on the stool instead of sitting.  We are planning on using the black for every spokesmodel girl at least for a few shots even if we don’t end up showcasing them all because 1) we love the black and it is very popular, 2) it is a dramatic look and very versatile and 3) we may do something fun with all of these photos on the black when we’re done with the 2015 spokesmodels – we’ll see…  Meanwhile this next shot is a brand new look for us – a different take on being in the spotlight – literally!  We love the way this turned out.

High School Spokesmodel

We should also mention that hair and makeup for this session was done at The Beauty Lounge here in the Orchard Mall – hair by Tammy and makeup by Gloria.  They are right down the hall from our studio and The Beauty Lounge is one of three great salons here in the mall.  Next we broke out our cerulean blue backdrop and this next picture of Leah is just sweet and simple.

High School Senior Photo

At this point we were ready to go outside!

Here is a vine that will give you a little flavor of the studio portion of the session and then the winter wonderland we stepped into…

…now check this out!

spokesmodeling in the snow

We love the way Leah looks in the light dress against the white snow – white on white or black on black look great in the studio and the white on white looks great outside in the same way – it is an approach we have worked with in the past with great results, and it clearly worked again this time – spectacular!!!

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