Ellery’s Entrance As Senior Picture Spokesmodel!

As we continue along preparing for an exciting year of senior pictures for the class of 2015 we present some highlights from Ellery’s spectacular in-studio spokesmodel session!  We are plain giddy about this year’s crew the way these sessions have been going so far and this one was no exception…

Senior pictures

The “black and blowy” pose never disappoints – Ellery’s blonde hair looks amazing against the black background!  Very dramatic and flat out stunning, you will see this set up repeated frequently in our posts because it is one of our signatures and every senior girl brings a little something different to it.  The weather on Ellery’s day was particularly nasty and we wanted some extra time to tinker in the studio and she was ready for that with two full sized suitcases (and an overflow bag) so we could try a bunch of different ideas indoors.  As much as we love them four sessions in the snow already is plenty.  We have one more coming up in our next post and that is likely it for the snow.

Okay so back to the photos!  Next up staying with the black background we have Ellery in a really cute hat!  Hats = GOOD!  Accessories in general are great and totally encouraged for senior sessions! High School Senior Pictures

Here is the behind-the-scenes vine of this series along with the next one – the “spotlight” set up…

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