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Kollyns Is The Most Adorable Almost 6 Month Old We Know!

Melyssa was once known (and still is as far as we’re concerned) as the “Frameable Faces Fairy” and she’s a legend here!  She and her family have become friends of ours over the years (here’s a throwback to a session of Melyssa and her sisters) and she recently brought her THIRD child to the studio – almost-6-month-old Kollyns!  Hard for us to believe!  And Kollyns is such an adorable smush.  We loved having her here and we need to show you these highlights!

Kollyns is adorable

Simple and scrumptious – we’re going to let these photos mostly speak for themselves.


That smile!!!


She’s awesome.  We also have a little fun behind the scenes from Facebook:

And these next two are the end…
LOVE!  Kollyns is delicious and we hope you enjoyed this little taste of her session!
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Siblings Bubbles and Flowers!

Siblings bubbles and flowers can’t possibly be anything but pure wonderful right?  Right!  You may remember a post from back in December where we presented a family that was growing “right before our eyes” with maternity photos followed by the beautiful new little baby with her family?  Well they are back and a lot can happen in 6 months…  🙂

Siblings Bubbles and Flowers

Yes indeed babies bloom!  We love our little 6 month flower pot babies.  This little one was one of the easiest newborns to photograph we ever had and she was a joy again this time around!  Six months is a great milestone and we especially love it when the six month old brings an older sibling back with her!  Big brother did such an awesome job in this session!  Mom and Dad were not sure he would be totally into sitting in the right spot and posing for the pictures together with his sister but he totally rocked it.  It did not hurt that this little guy has an affinity for bubbles, and the parents were prepared.  Take a look at this little behind the scenes vine of the fun and check out her face while you do!  Priceless.

Sibling Photos: A Dapper Dude and a Baby Blossom!

We have been really excited to get these sneak peeks up on the blog of “a dapper dude and a baby blossom”!  Such a precious session with these little siblings and they were a total pleasure to work with.  Very sweet and well behaved, they followed instructions like champs!

We started off by getting some photos of the two of them together on the white background.  Our dapper dude was styling with his sport coat and tie and his little sister was looking pretty in pink with the flower headband and flowery dress.  Flowers were definitely a strong theme for this session and if you have been a regular here on our blog you probably can guess where we are going with that….a dapper dude and a baby blossom

The white always looks great – nice and simple and can be displayed pretty much anywhere.  Next we moved to the black background and the kids changed up their look a little.  We love the red dress in particular against the black – it just pops and both brother and sister are beaming!  Big brother looks really proud and happy to be with his little sis!a dapper dude and a baby blossom

Next we gave our dapper dude a moment in the spotlight for himself…  That smile!

a dapper dude and a baby blossom

Here we have a fun little behind the scenes vine of the session which will give you a precious peek into the flowery fun that came next…

Needless to say we never get tired of the flower pot babies.  How could we?  These make us smile every time and the little ones always seem to have a lot of fun being in the pot while everyone is smiling laughing and cheering for them!  They are perfect for right around the 6 month milestone or slightly after as long as they are sitting up.a dapper dude and a baby blossom

All in all we had a really memorable time with our little friends and their mommy and grandma here at our studio!  We hope these made you smile too!

Photos of Total Cuteness!

Child photography, Frameable Faces Photography, West Bloomfield PhotographerYou might recognize this little one.  She and her family have been around the studio for quite awhile now.  When we first met “E”‘s parents, they were having her big brother photographed for his newborn session.  That was two years ago.  Since that time, well, we’ve sort of adopted the S family.  Or they adopted us.  When we found out that E’s mom was pregnant again, she gave us the ultimate compliment.  Aside from asking us to photograph her belly (which currently graces the inside of our current brochure!), and the newborn session of the new baby to be….  She told us that she and her husband J wanted US to be the GODPARENTS of their newest family member!  Of course, Ally cried, and we said yes!

West Bloomfield Photographer, Child Photography, Frameable Faces Photography
Well, we had E’s newborn session almost 7 months ago and she came back into the studio this past Saturday.  And being a true Frameable, she was a total rockstar!  Full of smiles and personality.  And she LOVED the flower pot!  How cute is she????
West Bloomfield Photographer, Photography, Frameable Faces
We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again….our Frameables are the best!  We love each and every one of them.  And in Frameable form, the S family were clients when they first came in to the studio…  And they left as family.  As literally as you can get!
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