Admiring Annabel Always!

We’ll be admiring Annabel always.  We always have and we always will!  We photographed Annabel with her dad and brother (her brother Harry is featured in this class of 2013 post with the flaming baseball bat) right when we opened our studio and we were impressed with her from the first moment we met her.  We had her pegged as someone we hoped would represent our studio someday as a senior early on, and meanwhile as we said in the post for her spokesmodel session she’s been “spokesmodeling” for us for years really… Giving us the rundown on who’s who and recommending seniors.  It’s not a total stretch to say Annabel has helped shape the direction of the studio – the girl knows everyone and she has given us great insights over the years!  We’re literally not sure what we are going to do without her when she goes away to college.

As for her senior photo session this is now the 4th time Ally has photographed Annabel since we opened and it was a bit surreal and very special.  Her dad came along and we had a lot of fun as we always do!

Admiring Annabel

We went to a familiar location but we photographed some of our favorite spots there in new ways with new angles, and then we found a couple spots that we hadn’t used before as well.  Pulling back on the crop for a full length on the dock is pretty cool and Annabel’s outfit is really cute in the shot above!  She looks fantastic!

We were able to take advantage of the pop of Michigan fall colors in this next close up – love it!

Admiring Annabel

Here is our fun behind the scenes vine of the day:

Next we headed down to one of the bridges in the park for this shot that we’re not quite sure we’ve done before and we’re not sure why – it really worked.  Not to mention that dress with those shoes…!

Admiring Annabel

Lastly we went to downtown Birmingham for some cityscapes and we went to the top of one of the parking structures which we hadn’t done in a while either and as the sun was getting low in the sky the angle of the light along with a little breeze produced this stunning shot!

Admiring Annabel

So there you have it!  We can’t wait to see what big things are in store for Annabel – we are proud to call her our friend and as I said before we will be admiring Annabel always!

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