Our Delightful Day With Danielle!

Our delightful day with Danielle was one we will always remember for sure.  To begin with Ally and Danielle’s mom go back to their college days where they had classes together at Michigan State, so this was a little surreal for both of them.  It was particularly cute because the whole scene was making Danielle’s mom a little emotional – it was a special time for her to see her little girl all grown up and having her senior pictures taken.

As for the girl – Danielle is such a sweetheart that we fell for her right away.  This seems to be a recurring theme lately as we’ve had some fantastic kids this year, and Danielle really impressed us as we talked about her plans for the future and we just really enjoyed our time together.  She’s just, well, delightful!

Delightful Day

It didn’t hurt that we had the combination going of such a beautiful girl with such a beautiful day!  It really was perfect.  We started out on location and headed out onto some trails where we had great lighting and great colors.

Delightful Day

She’s adorable!

Next let’s take a look at our fun behind the scenes vine of the morning where Danielle’s mom was providing the soundtrack from her iPhone when we were on location, and providing the encouragement when we were in studio!  Haha!

Okay one more photo outside and the backlight on her hair on this one really helps make the photo – love it!

Delightful Day

At this point it was time to head back to the studio to get some photos indoors, and we are highlighting this one on the red background that really worked – you could see us working with the red in the vine.  We love when our seniors pick red as one of their selections!

Delightful Day

So we hope you enjoyed these highlights from our delightful day with Danielle!  We were certainly delighted to share them with you!




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